Making life better and safer, every day

You’ll find us in the air, on the ground, on the surface and in the depths of the oceans, orbiting the earth and cyberspace too. Our solutions cover defence, security, transport, aerospace and space in the UK.
  • Aerospace in the UK
    Thales UK is relied on by customers all over the world to keep them safe, connected and always prepared. We provide advanced hardware and technology, plus extensive support and training for all types of platforms and systems.
  • Defence in the UK
    Thales UK works with air forces, navies and armies both in the UK and export market as a significant defence contractor and systems integrator, helping to equip almost every major platform in service or in development with the UK armed forces.
  • Security in the UK
    Thales UK is a recognised world leader in the design and supply of critical systems and resilient solutions that help governments, local authorities and civil operators protect citizens, sensitive data and infrastructure against complex threats.
  • Transportation in the UK
    Our technology and systems allow transport operators all over the world to implement complex upgrade and modernisation programmes, working collaboratively with us as a trusted partner.
  • Space in the UK
    We provide the assembly, integration and testing of new experimental payloads in both the civil and military sectors, whilst enhancing our capabilities as a prime contractor in the UK for major space missions.

Aligned with the nation we serve

As a nation, the UK has long been recognised for its strength, resilience and innovation. Thales in the UK is no different.
  • Solutions and services from the UK
    With a real understanding of highly complex systems and critical operational environments, and with proven expertise in training, supply chain and programme management, we tailor Service solutions to the individual challenges you face.
  • Our commitment to the UK
    Each day brings brand new challenges and bold new opportunities to the UK. We have the resources, knowledge and appetite to take them on.
  • About Thales in the UK
    We’re a 6,500 strong team of experts, located across the UK. We have unrivalled experience across every major industry we serve - working around the clock to make life better and keep us safer.