Enhanced mission survivability and effectiveness

Military operations require a seamless, co-ordinated approach, making full and integrated use of armoured vehicles with soldiers.

Thales UK has a proven track record providing customers around the world with combat systems that enhance their ability to conduct joint-strike missions quickly and effectively.

Integrating combat systems into the armoured vehicle

We deliver an effective Armoured Vehicle (Mounted Close Combat) capability, including the design and installation of electronic vehicle architectures in new build and retrofit vehicles:
  • Optronics
  • Meteorology
  • Radio communications
  • Counter-IED systems

Supporting the soldier on the ground

Thales UK delivers the key elements needed by a rapidly deployable soldier for dismounted close combat capability, all integrated into a single combat capability:
  • Optronics
  • Radio communications
  • Personal counter-IED equipment
Thales UK has established a reputation as a world leader providing armed forces with the equipment and systems needed to conduct missions in any environment.
  • Soldier Systems
    A fully integrated Soldier Systems capability is a key element for any coherent and effective battlefield operation in any operational environment, no matter how diverse or extreme.
  • Vehicle Systems
    Whether in support of military operations in a combat environment or humanitarian and peacekeeping missions, the capabilities of a deployed Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) are crucial to mission success and survivability.