Addressing the need for Digital Transformation in a Mission & Safety Critical Environment

Customers are demanding more connected devices, and, often this means connecting to unsecure or untrusted networks of opportunity in order to provide services. 

Consequently it is imperative that any system isn’t exposed to cyber threats as a consequence of being ‘more connected’; measures need to be put in place to reduce that exposure.

Our Digital Trust offer helps our customers embrace Digital Transformation in  safety and mission critical environments whilst being secure in the knowledge that their data remains secure.
Consider data in four ways:
  • Confidentiality; how imperative is it that this data is kept away from outside prying eyes?  Do I own the information?  If it were to ‘leak’ how damaging would it be to my business and/or my customers?
  • Integrity; if this data were to be tampered with, how would that affect decisions I make and how would that affect performance, or potentially safety?  If the data is somewhat inaccurate does it have serious consequences?
  • Identity; is it crucial that the identity of all nodes, components and users is validated in order to be assured that the data is from a trusted source?
  • Availability; how crucial is timeliness? Do I need the data when I need it and waiting for it has damaging implications, perhaps financially or operationally.
Thales adopts a Whole Lifecycle Approach to security, focusing on security of the entire ecosystem of data and information in the context of all users, systems and mission goals.

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