Thales UK’s Connect system brings reliable communications to every part of the London Underground

London’s Underground system is one of the world’s busiest mass transit systems, playing a key part in the economy of the city and the UK as a whole. A robust, effective communications system is crucial to the safe, efficient operations of the whole system.

Thales UK’s Connect communications system provides London Underground with a single radio network, incorporating both the Motorola Tetra Radio and traditional phone, data and video services.

Thales UK is the sole maintainer and service delivery supplier for Connect, through the Citylink consortium, ensuring that both the Tetra radio and the transmission network systems are operated and maintained to provide the best service for London Underground.

Thales has provided London Underground with its ‘Connect’ solution for almost two decades, enabling reliable communications throughout the network.

Thales UK, connecting all of London’s emergency services

Thales’s Connect has now expanded to incorporate London’s emergency service radios so that personnel are able to stay in touch if they need to respond to an incident in an  Underground station or on one of the lines.