Cyber Consulting

Cyber Security Risk Assessment and Management

Cyberspace presents a broad range of external and internal threats to your organisation and assets. Following recent high-profile breaches with severe consequences, cyber now heads the risk agenda of many organisations, particularly those within the Critical National Infrastructure.

Our consultants will identify, describe and explain to you those risks which are specific to your industry and your situation. Assets determined to be at risk will be identified and inventoried.

Our team will define what those risks are, work out how likely they are to happen, and assess their impact on your business. Guided by your risk appetite, we will create a risk management strategy, which will determine how you categorise and treat individual risks.

Now that you know and understand the risks you face, we will work with you to develop the business case for addressing them per the risk management strategy. 

Controls are a cornerstone of your defensive strategy. The key challenge is to ensure they do not hinder your organisation or prevent your staff performing their work. Our experienced, multidisciplinary team will review, enhance and replace where necessary existing controls, allowing you to shape and optimise your overall approach and policy.  

Bespoke Consulting

Whether you are seeking cost reductions, transforming your organisation, leveraging new technology, securing critical information, changing business model, or improving/replacing processes, Thales can help. Our bespoke consulting service draws upon our diverse skill sets in cyber and systems engineering, safety, service design, human factors, custom training and cyber security to offer you a single cohesive team selected and tasked precisely to meet your exact needs.

By choosing a bespoke consultancy solution from Thales, challenges such as managing multiple providers, staffing rainbow teams, specifying sub-projects and complex work-sharing may be avoided.

Your situation and desired outcome are unique. By choosing a bespoke solution from Thales you can meet your requirements without compromise, leveraging your usual processes and doing business the way you want to. Thales shapes bespoke consultancy engagements around you and your situation. Engagements can be contracted based on fixed price, day rates, or time and materials.

Digital Transformation

The changing digital and technology landscape in which organisations operate is driving a need to re-assess traditional business models, products and customer relationships. Digital transformation recognises technology and data as core enablers to develop better products, services and customer experiences. Our consultants provide you with a broad and deep perspective across business functions, processes, operations, assets, technology and people, helping you understand and capture the value that digital transformation can bring you, and enabling appropriate risk management from the outset.

Strategy & Architecture

We have been providing thought leadership for over a decade in using evidence base techniques to support the realisation of strategic business change programmes.  We have found a lot of organisations develop a strategy and vision, but do not know how to implement the vision.  Transitioning a business from the current ‘as is’ state to the future ‘to be’ state is complex process.  We use systems thinking, architecture and P3M techniques to develop and assess change options. This helps in the understanding of the impact of the change on other business systems and the identification of dependencies, risks and assumption.  Outputs from this service include: Target Operating Model (TOM), architectural models, programme dependencies, risk register, change roadmap and project blueprints.  These outputs can be used to support business case approval and Balance of Investment (BoI) decisions.