Business Analysis and Change

Some organisations have the insight to change, some stop innovating

Thales's Cyber and Consulting business is the trusted partner you need to support innovation, today and for tomorrow. Every business is different. Thales's Cyber and Consulting business knows that the crucial thing about any business is what is specific to it, and the operational environment it’s working in. Others see each business as alike: you can trust Thales's Cyber and Consulting business to know that you’re different, wherever you are globally.

Finding value isn’t getting easier, which is why Thales's Cyber and Consulting business works hard to find what’s right with your business, and – most importantly - where it can operate more efficiently and effectively. By drawing on the intellectual capital of Thales, whilst always seeing the specifics of your organisation, Thales Cyber and Consulting ensures your innovation today delivers into tomorrow. Trusted to deliver insight globally, Thales's Cyber and Consulting business is here now.


Cyber Security Risk Assessment and Management

Cyberspace presents a broad range of external and internal threats to your organisation and assets. Following recent high-profile breaches with severe consequences, cyber now heads the risk agenda of many organisations, particularly those within the Critical National Infrastructure.

Our consultants will identify, describe and explain to you those risks which are specific to your industry and your situation. Assets determined to be at risk will be identified and inventoried.

Our team will define what those risks are, work out how likely they are to happen, and assess their impact on your business. Guided by your risk appetite, we will create a risk management strategy, which will determine how you categorise and treat individual risks.

Now that you know and understand the risks you face, we will work with you to develop the business case for addressing them per the risk management strategy.

Controls are a cornerstone of your defensive strategy. The key challenge is to ensure they do not hinder your organisation or prevent your staff performing their work. Our experienced, multidisciplinary team will review, enhance and replace where necessary existing controls, allowing you to shape and optimise your overall approach and policy.

Human Factors

Thales is at the forefront of human factors analysis

Human Factors is an established scientific discipline concerned with optimising work/system performance by addressing the physical and mental capabilities and limitations of the human element. It comprises Human Computer/Machine Interaction (HCI/HMI) including usability testing; organisational design/culture assessment; manpower & workload optimisation; Target Audience Description (TAD); Training Needs Analysis (TNA); design for injury prevention; and human error prediction & mitigation.

  • Enhanced work system efficiency
  • Reduced risk of human error (safety and cyber security)
  • Enhanced usability
  • Increased user/customer acceptance

Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) accredited consultancy, for over 25 years, we have been integrating human factors into the design of complex, technology-based systems and processes, helping organisations to improve performance and efficiency.

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The public needs to know that they’re safe, always

That’s why laws change, why technologies evolve, and why safety demands on your group will only increase. Can you continue to keep people safe in a rapidly changing legislative context?

Our experts track changing safety norms across the globe – we even design some of them – meaning that we are uniquely positioned to ensure that you find value in delivering safety excellence.

Systems Engineering

Understand, analyse & collaborate

The Thales Cyber & Consulting (TC&C) Systems Engineering, Service Design and Analysis Capability provides Systems Engineering services to customers that cover the complete Systems Lifecycle. These services include Requirements Management, Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Architecture Development, Safety, High and Low Level Design and finally Verification and Validation. We cover a variety of domain areas including Nuclear, Land, Sea, Air and also Cyber Security for networks and products.

Our Systems engineering service provides:

  • Subject matter expertise in Systems Engineering across a multitude of engineering domains
  • Experts in requirements management, design, architecture development, safety, and validation/verification processes
  • Agile and comfortable working on fast paced, highly complex development programmes
  • Familiar with a variety of engineering processes, and able to adapt to a customer’s chosen process
TC&C Systems Engineering consultants come from defence and commercial pedigrees and are used to working with cutting edge technologies across a variety of domains developing highly intricate and complex systems for customers within the Government, Enterprise and Defence space. It is the wide ranging subject matter expertise that enables TC&C consultants to add tangible value to customers through development acceleration, extensive domain knowledge and real relevant engineering experience.


Is your current training ready and fit for tomorrow’s diverse and challenging environment?

The Training Team at TC&C have over 25 years of experience delivering all elements of the training cycle. We satisfy all organisations from military institutions that require DSAT/JSP 822 compliant materials to commercial companies that require a bespoke training programme developed to their specific requirements.
Our training team provides:
  • Training Strategy laying out the enterprise landscape within which all subsequent Training development activity takes place.
  • Training Needs Analyses which scope the target audience, skill gaps, Training Objectives and Training options necessary to assure that training meets business and organisational need.
  • Course design which produces all courseware needed for a training programme including, Lesson plans, reference material, exercise workbooks and e-learning solutions
  • Training delivery where member(s) of our highly experienced team will deliver a thorough and engaging course.
  • Training Evaluation where the effectiveness of a training course is evaluated. This is mandatory for all courses we deliver but TC&C can also provide third party auditing service for external training.
We specialise in providing faultless training solutions to our clients. We aim to build a seamless rapport with all stakeholders involved and feedback from previous work proves this.

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