Global business success today demands both autonomy and co-operation. That is why Thales's Cyber and Consulting business understand the value of working with Associates and Partners.


Thales's Cyber and Consulting business is always interested in hearing from Associates, with specialist knowledge to support and compliment our capabilities, across our client domains and wider technology markets.

Whilst maintaining your independence, you can work with Thales's Cyber and Consulting business to provide the innovation our clients expect from a trusted partner.

To enquire about becoming an Associate with us please contact Phaedra Warnes


At Thales's Cyber and Consulting business we appreciate the power of partnership.

What does Partnership mean to us? With us, it means shared markets; shared capacities; and, ultimately, shared successes.

With our global reach, and unique relationship to Thales, our Cyber and Consulting business is the partner you need for tomorrow’s challenges, today.

For further information please contact Phaedra Warnes
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