The Cyber Game by Thales

Your company has just been hit by its largest-ever cyberattack. Your whole brand image is at stake. You’ve called together the members of your crisis team. But now what do you do?

Act quickly and decisively? Yes, but what are the right decisions to take? You can be sure that each decision will result in criticism from customers, employees and others.

What about the public — have you thought of them? And the press and your competitors? They’ll be scrutinising each of your decisions and will jump on any opportunity to undermine your brand image.

The members of your crisis team are offering opinions. But whose advice do you take?

Your mission: limit the damage in this disaster situation!

Over to you!

How it works

The Cyber Game is an online game where players test their reactions to a cyberattack on a global petrochemicals giant. It shows them what kind of decisions they would need to make as a crisis like this unfolds, and helps them understand how complex the consequences can be. Each of the six levels in the game starts with a short 1–2 minute video describing the latest situation. The player takes on the role of the manager in charge of the multinational’s crisis management unit, and has to take a critical decision at each level. The other members of the crisis management unit — senior managers with different roles in the company — give their opinions along the way. Once each critical decision is made, the player has to make a subjective analysis of how fellow managers, employees, customers and the general public will react to the choice.

At the end of the game, the player receives a press release showing how the media may have reacted to each decision and what a huge impact those decisions can have on a company’s brand and reputation. The game also generates statistics to show how well the player held up under pressure, with scores for empathy, attention to other people’s opinions, time spent on each level, etc.

Would you make the right decisions in a crisis? Play The Cyber Game to find out!

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