Thales joins STATION F to accelerate the future of cybersecurity, by partnering the field’s expert startups in their development.

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If you don’t already know Thales…

You’ll find us from the bottom of the oceans to the depths of space and cyberspace.
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Our mission: Helping our customers master every decisive moment.

Our aim: to drive the emergence of cybersecurity champions

Helping you develop your business by giving you access to Thales’s markets. We will appoint a business coach who will help you to open doors and promote your solutions with targeted customers.
Helping you improve your solution to better address Thales markets.  We will appoint a technical coach to give you advice and support to showcase your technologies in an operational context.
Leveraging a work environment that is favorable to the development of your startup:
  • Access to inspirational mentors
  • Being located at the heart of STATION F, the largest entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world, will give you strong visibility and access to a powerful network as well as to workspaces, meeting rooms  and other related services
  • Access to a strong Thales ecosystem (strategic partners, universities, academies...) as well as to the group’s creativity and demonstration spaces (Innovation Hubs, Design Centers, Showrooms, Exhibitions…)
All these advantages are free of charge to you and without any equity compensation conditions.

At the heart of digital ecosystems

Thales Group - Thales Digital Factory
The Digital Factory has been launched in order to accelerate the digital transformation of Thales and its markets

The Digital Factory has been launched in order to accelerate the digital transformation of Thales and its markets. Our ambition is to make an active contribution to the strengthening of the digital ecosystem through incubation and development programmes of internal and external startups.

Within this context, Thales has been selected by STATION F to manage its cybersecurity programme.

By joining this programme you will have access to a worldwide ecosystem made up of an established network of strategic, technological and academic partners, as well as to other digital players (incubators, investors…). This will allow you to make the most of the development levers created by cross-fertilisation within a broad community of experts.
We are convinced that the diversity of knowledge and talents will be our most valuable strength in facing up to the main challenges of digitisation.

What gems are we looking for?

  • French and foreign startups
  • Companies proposing breakthrough technologies
  • Companies capable of incorporating at least 2 representatives into STATION F
  • Companies holding Minimum Viable Products in areas such as:
    • Self-contained and adaptive security
    • Predictive analysis
    • IoT security
    • Privacy protection
    • Security virtualisation  
    • New detection capabilities
    • Embedded and realtime security software
    • Autonomous driving & mobility
  • Companies using their expertise / patents in at least one of the technologies such as:
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Big Data analytics
    • Blockchains
    • Breakthrough cryptography (Homomorphic, Quantic, Light Weight Crypto …)
    • Obfuscation
  • Teams which share our values: hungry – humble – aware

Programme terms

  • Application open until August 18th
  • Publication of results of application shortlist between end of July & August 25th
  • Pitches from selected start-ups during September
  • Integration of selected start-ups into STATION F at the begining of October
  • Development programme over a period of 6 months
Thales Group - Apply

More information

Please contact Jean-Yves Plu, head of STATION F Cybersecurity programme