DBBS project: centralizing the protection of 170 military sites in the Netherlands

The Dutch Ministry of Defence has entrusted Thales with the protection of 170 military sites spread all over the country. A centralized solution was deployed, significantly increasing security and simplicity of use, for contained costs.

A mosaic of sites and systems

The protection of Dutch military sites was built up over time with different providers, using different technologies, for uneven efficiency and at high total costs. The Ministry of Defence appealed to Thales to bring coherence and performance in protecting its network of sites.
The project involves simultaneously:
- Securing 170 very different sites (inhabited or not) scattered throughout the territory;
- Integrating different information systems, developed by different organizations (Land forces, Air force, Navy);
- Centralizing of data and their smart processing;
- An optimal level of cybersecurity.

A centralized solution

All sites have their own protection system, operated by local agents by day. At night, monitoring switches to the centralized system, enabling 24-hour service continuity and an optimal use of resources. Uninhabited sites are monitored from a national centre, in conjunction with the nearest field teams. Data transmission is protected by the best technologies.
Thanks to its mastery of video surveillance and smart data processing techniques, as well as to its expertise in integrating different systems, Thales was able to better protect these military sites while reducing costs.