Secure Mobile Connectivity

Public Safety Agencies, Critical National Infrastructure providers and major corporations all face the same challenge — how to make sure their response teams keep pace with the growing need for secure mobile communications in their everyday operations. Eiji, a new service from Thales, provides a highly mobile, resilient and secure communications capability that helps users respond to a whole range of threats, from cybercrime to terror attacks.

Permanent access to data networks and specialised applications is crucial to the efficiency of major organisations of every type: government agencies, law enforcement, large companies, security services, critical infrastructure providers and first responders.

Around the clock, wherever they are, security professionals and employees expect access to the latest mobile communications services — but they also need those services to be reliable and secure.
Many of the private networks available today were primarily designed for voice communications, and they are struggling to keep pace with changing needs and use cases. Above all, the services available from traditional operators do not offer the levels of security and resilience required by professionals in mission-critical situations.

Key benefits of Eiji

Thales combines its experience and expertise to provide high-speed communications services with the security and resilience required by mission-critical users:
  • Maximum security for all your critical communications
  • Modular service packages
  • Turnkey service for all your communications needs when mobility, security and resilience are a must
  • Optimised cost structure, with limited initial outlay and simple pay-per-use billing
  • Scalability and adaptability for specific requirements and emergency situations
  • Innovative use cases and easy access to online apps
  • Quick to learn and easy to use with widely available commercial handsets

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