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The Electronic Warfare Centres proposed by Thales are designed for quick, reliable and coherent interconnection between the various intelligence, support and electronic attack systems used by a country's armed forces.

The centres may be implemented at unit / service (Air, Land, Marine) level, or at country level, to set up, maintain and update a unique and coherent threat database through the collection, verification and validation of the operational data concerning the various weapon systems. All this operational data is collected from a number of sources: sensors, flight reports, documentation, allied and other sources.

The data can then be made available for consultation by various EW system users, in the requested formats: mission planning, ESM and ECM equipment programming, analysis of operational recorded data, validations of programming (libraries) by digital and/or hybrid simulation, operational onboard training, etc. These centers are in the heart of the EW organization of the armed forces. Their counterparts are the operational units, but also the "collaterals" (SIGINT).