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For combat platforms, Thales provides high-performance electronic warfare solutions to meet the user's need for tactical situation assessment and enhanced high value platform survivability.

Leveraging the systems developed for the latest generation of combat fighters, helicopters or transport aircraft such as Mirage 2000, Rafale, NH90, Thales offers upgrading solutions for platforms already in service.

Thales develops, produces and integrates full solutions of state-of-the-art EW self-protection systems integrating detection, jamming and decoying, both internal or podded.

• Capabilities needed for tactical situational awareness and survivability:
- Current and modern threats detection and identification
- Discrimination in multi-threat environment
- Self-protection actions
- Knowledge of radars parameters for libraries updating and threats position (Electronic Order of Battle) with ASTAC pod through tactical and strategic ELINT mission
- Integration and management of intelligence database thanks to Joint Electronic Warfare Centre solution.

• Development, simulation, validation and testing:
- EW anechoic chamber
- System integration and validation benches
- Company aircraft test bed
- Operational simulation environment.

Our experience
- More than 4,000 self-protection equipment on board combat platforms for more than 40 air forces worldwide
- Equipment supplier, partner or prime contractor thanks to the Thales all-around expertise and flexibility.