Standard-fit on the Bombardier Global Express XRS and optional on the Bombardier Global 5000, the Thales Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) improves situational awareness in difficult operating conditions, often at unfamiliar airports.

Using the CMC Electronics SureSight infrared camera, the Thales EFVS captures the outside environment through an infrared image, which is then transferred on the Thales Head Up Display (HUD). Equipped with the largest field of view in the industry (40ºX 26º), the Thales HUD displays both the symbology and the infrared imagery of the outside environment simultaneously onto the HUD’s visor, located in the pilot’s direct line of sight. The infrared image can also be viewed simultaneously by the co-pilot on a head down display through one of the Flight Management’s Display Units.

The Thales EFVS has been evaluated in all phases of flight, including taxi, takeoff, approach and landing, over a wide range of terrains, in varying environmental conditions such as at night time, in snow, rain and in fog.

The Thales Enhanced Flight Vision System was certified during the fall 2005 by Transport Canada, the FAA and the EASA.

For better situational awareness, count on Thales!

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