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Aircraft Interiors

06-08 June 2023
Hamburg Messe -
Hamburg, Germany

The destination for the global aircraft interiors industry

Thales will be present at Aircraft Interiors in Hamburg, to demonstrate how we are at the forefront of innovation, investing in digital technologies, developing solutions that shape the future of travel, and working with our partners to anticipate our customers’ future ambitions.

Visit us!

Visit us in Hall 4 (lower level) at stand 4E40 to learn more about how Thales InFlyt Experience is shaping the future of air travel.

With the most advanced inflight entertainment solutions and digital services, Thales creates value through engaging and personalized experiences, revenue generation and operational excellence.

Find out more about the solutions we will be showcasing. 

Our Portfolio


Elevating the Inflight Entertainment Experience.


AVANT Up delivers a truly personalized and immersive experience to connect passengers with an airline’s brand and features many aviation firsts.

The system features an open-platform operating system that is constantly evolving with a 4K architecture, better screens with Optiq and smarter power with Pulse. AVANT Up is a powerful and lightweight system that addresses a clear need in the market, and has been selected by some of the world’s leading airlines.

Optiq Displays

The 4K QLED High Dynamic Range Optiq displays offer unrivalled picture quality with more accurate colors, higher brightness, and no burn-in unlike OLED. Optiq displays a higher percentage of the color gamut producing more realistic imagery, with a higher contrast ratio, making all content better as compared to a Standard Dynamic Range screen, regardless of resolution (SD, HD, UHD).

Optiq has true end-to-end 4K content processing that meets studio requirements and features up-scaling of full HD content, the highest variable bit rate (VBR) in the industry, plus 50% better GPU performance.

In addition, Optiq can charge up to 70W from the in-screen USB ports (60W USB-C + 10W USB-A), with two Bluetooth connections, built-in Wi-Fi, optional privacy filters and camera, and the most processing power to-date.

Pulse Power Supply

Pulse is the revolutionary new power solution from Thales with patented power management technology. It eliminates today's ‘first come, first serve’ power allocation to guarantee all devices can charge, by dynamically reallocating 350W of power, to eliminate passenger battery anxiety. Pulse is a 2022 Crystal Cabin Award winner.

Combined with our comprehensive suite of digital services, AVANT Up enhances passenger engagement, maximizes revenue opportunities, and optimizes operational efficiency, all while delivering memorable personalized inflight experiences.

Passenger Engagement

AVANT Up provides a curated passenger experience that evolves and adapts to passenger preferences and expectations, increasing passenger mindshare and brand trust. Reducing the distance between passengers and the content, meals, shopping, and experiences they desire, leads to them being pleasantly surprised, engaging them, while reducing inventory costs. Providing a contextual feedback loop enables passengers to effortlessly provide feedback with journey milestones, facilitating two-way dialogue, and giving passengers a voice in describing their experience.

Revenue Generation

360Ads provides the most effective inflight advertising platform in the industry and maximizes revenue potential by placing the right ads in front of the right passenger at the right time. AVANT Up increases shopping opportunities by providing expanded catalogue offerings and multiple fulfillment paths. Using the IFEC industry’s only award-winning meal and beverage service (2022 IFSA Best Inflight Food or Beverage), increase revenue and passenger satisfaction with attendant-free food and drink browsing and ordering.

Operational Excellence

Our comprehensive wireless data delivery (via Wi-Fi, cellular and/or satcom) and intelligent prioritization paired with flexible content management provides on-demand updated to software, content, and the UI, ensuring passengers always have relevant and timely content. Empowering an airline crew with contextual information, optimizes crew effort, and gives them the knowledge to anticipate passenger needs and provide superior service. AVANT Up provides actionable insights into system performance, passenger behaviour and engagement with the IFEC system.


The fastest Wi-Fi in the sky.


Thales’s FlytLIVE connectivity is delivering the most advanced Ka-band High-Throughput solution over the Americas.

Using SES and Hughes next-generation aviation satellite network and technology, FlytLIVE provides the fastest Wi-Fi in the sky with ultra-high speeds of up to 400 Mbps and exceptional reliability. Passengers can binge watch their favorite content without interruption.

SES-17 Satellite

SES-17 is powered by an advanced digital transparent processor (DTP), enabling great flexibility and efficiency in capacity management, to prioritize revenue or passenger traffic. With close to 200 spot beams of mixed size, and 10x the throughput in a beam compared to other GEO satellites, it has 4x the capacity compared to other Ka providers.

In partnership with SES, ThinKom, and Hughes, FlytLIVE provides a robust roadmap into the future, with a MEO/LEO ready terminal and architecture that will allow upgrade to multi-constellation or multi-network operation. Thales was the first to fly with the ThinKom Ka2517 antenna, and to validate it with a MEO constellation.

Partnership with Spirit Airlines

Thales is proud of our successful partnership with Spirit Airlines whose Airbus fleet equipped with FlytLIVE is getting rave reviews from passengers. To date, we have more than 160 connected Spirit aircraft flying with FlytLIVE.

Earlier this year, we introduced new features to our FlytLIVE system onboard Spirit aircraft. We were the first in the industry to introduce the option of paying with Apple Pay or Google Pay inflight, which immediately increased revenues. We also delivered Gate-to-Gate connectivity ensuring that passengers can take advantage of fast Wi-Fi as soon as they board their aircraft.

Digital Services

Pre-integration of FlytLIVE with Thales Digital Services benefits the airline from the most advanced suite of digital services that converts passenger experience to engagement, maximizes revenue generation, and improves operational excellence.

FlytLIVE has been designed specifically for Aero Mobility, has the capacity where needed, and has exceptional performance.