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Euronaval 2022

21 October 2022
Parc d'Expositions du Bourget, Stand J 139 -
Paris , France

From October 18th to 21st
Stand J 139 - Paris Le Bourget Exhibition Centre, France

Staying one step ahead with Thales

In a world of growing tensions, governments are increasingly concerned about safeguarding national sovereignty and their ability to defend their interests at sea.

Naval warfare is evolving rapidly to meet new threats, deploying new tactics and technologies, and preparing for operations that are more complex, brutal, and decisive.

The scope of operations is widening too, extending from traditional domains to space and the seabed. Thales works in close partnership with navies and maritime authorities to master this challenging context.

Euronaval Highlights

Day 3 at Euronaval!

Meeting maritime challenges - today and tomorrow

As the sea once again becomes a theatre for confrontation and demonstrations of power, navies around the world are today facing unprecedented challenges: widespread rearmament, the digital revolution, the rise of collaborative combat, an increasing use of drones, and quantum technologies.

At Euronaval 2022, Vice-Admiral (2S) Éric Chaperon, Naval Advisor to Thales, will decipher these new challenges. 

Thales technology and multi-domain expertise are key to help naval forces meet the new challenges ahead.

In this article, Éric Chaperon explains why tensions are running so high today, where they are appearing, and how these growing threats can be dealt with.

He also looks at where drone warfare, Big Data analytics and quantum computing are set to take us in the future and makes a robust case for the benefits of collaborative combat and well-trained crews


Éric Chaperon, Vice-Admiral (2S) and Naval Advisor to Thales.

Drone warfare: reshaping naval doctrines.

Drone warfare is no longer science fiction. It will deeply reshape naval doctrines. 

See how Thales will help naval forces to meet this challenge and leverage these new capabilities. 

Quantum revolution: a game changer for naval forces.

Miniaturised yet highly sensitive sensors, superior detection capabilities, navigation without any satellite signal, unhackable communications, … 

Discover how tomorrow’s quantum revolution will be a game changer for naval forces.


AI and Big Data, an asset to react instantly to any threats

Miniaturised yet highly sensitive sensors, superior detection capabilities, navigation without any satellite signal, unhackable communications, … 

Our solutions

As seas increasingly become a battlefield, the group is developing a range of proven solutions underpinned by cutting-edge technologies to meet the needs of navies in these new, high-intensity settings.

High intensity warfare

Naval warfare today is marked by high-intensity scenarios. 

Weapons like missiles and torpedoes are becoming more agile and longer-range, and often used in saturating modes. This trend towards intensity is catalysed by technological developments like stealth aircraft and submarines, unmanned weapons, cyber and electromagnetic warfare.

Together with maintaining an edge in offensive capability, early detection and the coordination of collaborative tasks are key to countering these new threats.

Thales is delivering long-range radars, optronics, sonars, and fire control chains adapted to these challenging developments. Its ship mast technology integrated with wider ship systems provides an effective defence against these new threats.

Thales also continues to enhance its combat management system, Tacticos, with new integrations like Ionshield, for Above Water Warfare, Space Situational Awareness, and Ballistic Missile Defence.

Collaborative combat and Connectivity

Collaborative combat is increasingly becoming a reality in naval operations. 

It offers navies the advantage of working in coalition, providing a more powerful response to threats, and situational awareness over a wider area, enabling better informed decisions.

Successful collaborative combat requires the ability to interconnect sensors and effectors in order to accelerate the detection, classification and engagement of threats

The collaborative capabilities developed by Thales offer better detection and classification by using multiple sensors and low latency connectivity.

They provide enhanced capacity for covert operations through multistatism and improved use of the electromagnetic spectrum. In addition, decision-making and engagements can be accelerated as a result of the integration of autonomous unmanned systems


In a world of higher-intensity combat, the concept of naval resilience has become central. 

As missions take place over longer distances, with events unfolding more rapidly, navies must develop their autonomy and reinforce their ability to be supplied and supported around the clock. In parallel, the requirement that all naval personnel are fully trained to be competent for their mission is more important than ever. And all this is underpinned by a need for cybersecure operation to ensure that systems and communications can operate with confidence.

Thales has a range of solutions to help navies keep track of fleets and suppliers, as well as build and retain key skills. It provides support services, from functional tests to inventory management, and cutting-edge training that matches navies’ exact platforms and software.

In addition, Thales offers a range of applications and digital continuity to help ensure mission success. This is brought together in HeadLight, a platform designed to integrate all the support services needed to deliver successful high-tempo operations.

As the world leader in cybersecurity, the group has recently been selected by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology to co-develop the algorithm that will become the new post-quantum cryptography worldwide standard. This major advance will contribute strongly to staying one step ahead in naval cybersecurity.

Innovative Technologies

At Thales, research and technology is part of our DNA.

We have over 20,000 people directly involved in research and engineering.

They all share one thing: a passion for innovation. It’s the men and women who work in this area – and their commitment – that power the company forwards towards new and exciting possibilities.

The scope of our work is broad, with 20 innovation hubs that promote customer-focused innovation and a range of partnerships with research bodies and institutions across the world. The result is Thales’s unique offer – focused on both performance and customers. This, and our strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility, enables us to build a future we can all trust.

Find out more in the Thales booth, Stand J 139, about our latest innovative technologies.

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