AVANT is a state-of-the-art Android based In-Flight Entertainment solution that features a contemporary industrial design and offers a highly customizable passenger experience with the latest applications on the market. This fully scalable and open platform enables airlines to offer a feature rich experience to all passengers on board.

Thales’ AVANT InFlyt Entertainment solution is available for all single and twin aisle commercial aircraft. It has been installed on over 250 aircraft by the world’s leading airlines. AVANT offers exceptional in-flight experiences to both airlines and passengers worldwide with the latest-and-greatest monitors, handsets, software, applications, servers and tools. 

Tailored to Meet Our Customer's Needs

Thales’ AVANT system is customized for each airline to increase their brand loyalty and to delight their passengers. AVANT’s light-weight and low-power infrastructure enables a diverse range of configurations - from overhead, wireless, full-in seat, or any combination thereof. It offers state-of-the-art entertainment with a wide range of display sizes; an open Android based architecture, high capacity servers, secure payment solutions, and integrated connectivity solutions. AVANT paired with Thales’ connectivity solutions allows airlines to promote their distinct brand while generating revenue through targeted advertising, personalization, on-board sales, and other high value services.   

The Lightweight Solution for any Aircraft 

AVANT is Thales’ latest generation IFE system and offers airline customers an ideal solution for the whole cabin. With monitors ranging in size from 9” to 32”, they are ideal for both wide body and narrow body aircraft, including regional jets. This system offers a vast amount of choices such a High Definition (HD) capacitive touch screen monitors, intuitive handsets, the latest peripherals to integrate with PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices), a broad catalogue of apps and games, in-seat power, and more. AVANT offers an intuitive, lightweight, scalable, connectivity enabled and highly customizable system to airline customers.

Offering Passengers an Incredible InFlyt Experience 

Thales realizes there is an opportunity in the sky to give passengers a spectacularly unique “InFlyt Experience” by providing engaging passenger experiences. Thales’ in-flight entertainment solution lets passengers stay connected and deliver a truly immersive travel experience.


Thales Group - AVANT Monitor

Fit and Flex

Thales’ advanced, lightweight and low power monitors offer 1080p Full High Definition (FHD) video with incredible viewing angles and an open platform Android Operating system. With a sleek design and larger display sizes ranging from 10” to 32”, it is a remarkable 30% lighter than our previous generation, enabling airline customers to minimize their total cost of ownership. Capacitive touch screens with multi-touch points allow passengers to interact with monitors in the exact way they would with their personal devices at home. Fit and Flex monitors support noise-canceling audio and includes the latest and greatest peripherals (e.g., USB 3.0, HDMI and NFC) to accommodate high power charging and seamless integration for passengers bringing their own devices. Ultimately, Fit and Flex monitors offer low weight, low power consumption, high performance, unmatched picture quality, and an incredibly unique and engaging passenger experience. 

GEN 4 

Thales’ preceding line of monitors supports High Definition (HD) video and has display sizes ranging from 9” to 23”. With single & multi-touch capacitive touch screens, an Android operating system, and a seamless design this line of monitors was created to bring passenger engagement to the next level. 



Thales Group - Avii
Thales Avii handset


Avii is a second-screen application platform that enables premium-class passengers to select, control and enhance their multi-media experience. Avii provides contextual remote control capabilities for the monitor and can be used as an independent handheld screen for many applications, enabling multi-tasking. The Avii platform consists of a 5” LCD with 1080p resolution, multi-touch capacitive touch screen, and an Android operating system.   With the balanced & ergonomic design and context based applications, Avii provides an intuitive user interaction.


Offering a 3.8” inch display, this Crystal Cabin Award winning handset can be placed in any seating class. It can be used as a second screen as well as a remote control for the main screen. 

Slim Line TPCU-sb Handset

Packing simplified functionality within a sleek and slim design, this handset was created for airlines seeking to maximize passenger space. It offers all the navigation, game controls, and PSS controls required to operate the system without having to touch the screen. The front side contains interactive AVOD, navigation controls, and PSS controls and the back side contains game controls, giving passengers the best of both worlds. 


Our easy-to-use handset is perfect for gaming and chat. The front side contains interactive AVOD, navigation, and PSS controls and the back side contains game controls and a QWERTY keyboard. The handset contains a cradle with integral cord reel and can be seat back or side-arm mounted.

Fixed PCU 

With its compact design, this handset was created for airlines needing to provide access to PSS functions for front row Economy seats with in-arm displays. It can be top-or-side mounted in the seat arm.

Overhead Video

Thales Group - AVANT Overhead 2
Thales’ AVANT Overhead system is a classic, scalable broadcast Audio and Video Entertainment system designed specifically for single aisle aircrafts. It is simple, automated, and reliable to help airline customers create new marketing, branding, and revenue opportunities. AVANT Overhead is ideal for safety videos, moving maps, destination videos, movies, audio broadcasting, and more. It is capable of storing large amounts of HD Digital Content.

Its innovative design does not require a seat box, bringing a higher level of passenger enjoyment and comfort. The High Definition (HD) 12.1” widescreen retractable LCD displays can be paired with a sleek, all-in-one, Passenger Control Unit handset for audio broadcast. With an embedded audio jack, it supports volume and channel control, as well as channel indication.

Fully integrated in the AVANT solution, the AVANT Overhead system can  easily be combined with full in-seat video solution (Hybrid configuration) or with connectivity and wireless streaming solutions. AVANT Overhead system provides full synchronization of monitors and in-seat audio to passengers. 

Software, Applications & Tools

Open Software Environment

AVANT’s Android based Operating System provides enormous potential for integrating a vast selection of games and applications from the Android development community. Passengers can enjoy a wide range of single player and multi-player games ranging from genres such as, racing, sports, puzzles, action, real-time strategy, and kid-friendly games, as well as the latest applications. Airlines can develop their own games and applications and deploy them to the aircraft as part of a content update.  Our airline customers can browse and select from our ever-changing online catalog of games and applications.

Purpose-Built Applications

Thales’ airline customers can choose from a variety of Thales-built applications that can help generate revenue, increase passenger engagement, assist the cabin crew, and promote their airline brand. 

Entertain and Inform Passengers

  • Interactive 3D Maps
  • eReader
  • File Viewer
  • USB Offload
  • White Listed Internet
  • Live News & Weather
  • In-Seat Chat
  • Audio-on-Demand
  • Video-on-Demand
  • Games

Airline Marketing

  • Passenger Survey
  • Personalization

Cabin Crew Tools

  • Crew- to- Ground Messaging
  • Crew- to- Passenger Messaging
  • Custom Script & Automation
  • Parental Control

Monetization Platform

With Ancillary Revenue reaching an estimated $59.2B in 2015, it is imperative that airlines adapt their marketplace and payment methods to maximize revenue earned from on-board sales. This entails offering merchandise people want to buy and providing them with the means to conveniently purchase on their own, with methods they are already familiar with. Thales Payment Solution enables airlines to steer away from retail models reliant upon flight attendants to a self-service model by accepting payments on-board via the IFE system. A variety of payment methods are accepted while passengers purchase merchandise from a diverse marketplace.  It is the only solution that can integrate any application, service, or content requiring payment on-board in offline, batched, or in real-time globally. It also provides the flexibility to integrate with any payment gateway and integrate with any retail or merchandise supplier. 

Business Operations Services

Analytics is a major contributing factor to business decisions in the 21st century. Understanding the customer base is critical in today’s operations as it allows airlines to cater to the needs of their passengers, while maximizing revenue and minimizing costs.  InFlyt Cloud is a software service that allows Thales’ airline customers to monitor their business operations from fleet maintenance to usage statistics to merchandise sold on-board and beyond. It provides single sign-on service for monitoring the fleet performance and how passengers utilize their InFlyt-system on-board.  Based on the intelligence from the analytics, airlines can respond by offering more popular content while removing items that are not adding value; resulting in saved costs, revenue growth, and increasing positive business identity.

**Android is a trademark of Google Inc.