Gateways approved for multilevel security environments

Key features

• Interconnection of networks of different sensitivity up to Secret level
• Range including one-way and two-ways gateways, firewalls
• Interdomain and multidomain solutions

Our products

FOX - High Security Firewall
     • Bi-directional secure interconnection between two networks
     • Authorizing exchanges only compliant with the interconnection security policy
     • Flow control at every level of Ethernet and TCP/IP stack up to application level
     • Remotely managed from a centralized security management system
     • Common Criteria EAL5+ assurance level

ELIPS-SD - One-way secure gateway
     • Uni-directional connection between two networks, with physical prevention of reverse data flow
     • Allows one-way data transfers from a network to another one without any risk of data leakage in the opposite direction
     • Support of SMTP, FTP, and UDP exchange protocols
     • Security level: High Grade (up to French SD)

TSF 101 - Trusted Security Filter
     • Connects IP networks of level secret with level unclassified
     • Controls flow from secret to unclassified
     • Non-compliant packets are logged and discarded
     • Generates audit log
     • Certified to Common Criteria, EAL5
     • Filter criteria is adapted to customer requirements