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Lead System Integration: Thales a major player in maritime issues

As economic and security challenges around the world take on an increasingly maritime dimension combat capabilities remain a key imperative for the navies of the world’s major powers; the role of naval forces is evolving, expanding and becoming ever more complex. Thales has a proven track record in program management and system engineering, and has performed numerous programs as lead system integrator or even prime contractor.

Governments are working more closely than ever with industry partners that have the ability to develop the new technologies and robust system solutions they need. Thales offers a range of innovative, highly capable and dependable solutions to detect, identify and analyse threats and act accordingly.

Tusted partner of over 50 client navies and coastguard forces with long lasting relationships

The ability to detect and identify threats on the surface, under the surface and in the air is the vital prerequisite for any maritime or naval action. These capabilities are at the core of Thales’s expertise, and the company offers a range of complementary solutions, from satellites to unmanned underwater systems in service on more than 500 vessels. Thales also offers outsourced support and training services.

Lead System Integration reduces risks associated with shipbuilding or modernization projects

The main purpose of lead system integration (LSI) is to ensure delivery of new or modernised mission systems within budget and schedule and according to the specifications in order to ensure a vessel’s optimum and continued warfare or mission capability throughout its planned life cycle.

Thales in its role as lead system integrator accepts responsibility for the administration and execution of all activities required to define, procure, install, test and validate the combat system related items so that the required capabilities are proven to function according to the customer needs.

This includes all aspects related to the optimum functional, technical and physical integration between mission system components themselves (CMS, tactical data link radar, optronics, sonar, weapon control, weapons, ESM, ECM, navigation, communication etc.) and between the mission system and the platform (the vessel).

Operational, technical and industry developments of the last decades have introduced a complexity in programs that require specialised program management skills to cope with e.g. multi-site development, cultural differences, subcontractors partners, fixed time/fixed date contracts, overall coordination and risk management. Thales has a proven track record in this art of program management and system engineering, and has performed numerous programs as lead system integrator or even prime contractor.