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Thales Deutschland wins Thuringia Occupational Safety Award "Johannes Bube" 2022

Thuringia's Minister of Labor Heike Werner today awarded the Arnstadt site of Thales Deutschland the Thuringian Occupational Safety Award 2022. The recognition for outstanding commitment to occupational safety comes with prize money of 7,500 euros.

A group of Thales trainees had set themselves the goal of making the operating status of workplaces in electrical training recognizable and implemented this independently with a great deal of commitment. When current is present, a lamp now lights up automatically and warns of special caution. This makes a significant contribution to the safety of the eight special training electrical workplaces in the plant.

In her speech, the Minister praised not only the enormous potential of the young employees, who in this case demonstrated their creativity and skills, but also the exemplary impetus for other companies. "It is precisely this example that shows how important it is to involve employees in finding solutions to occupational safety issues," she said.

Today's ceremony was attended by some 60 to 70 guests from business, trade unions, Thuringia's occupational safety authorities, employers' liability insurance associations, occupational safety and health networks and health insurance funds.

The Thuringian Occupational Safety Award has been presented every two years since 2000 to Thuringian companies and institutions that make a significant contribution to the occupational safety and health of their employees with innovative ideas and solutions that go beyond what is required by law. Since then, more than 30 companies and enterprises of widely differing size, industry affiliation and range of services have received the award.

The award is named after the Gotha physician Johannes Bube (1687-1747). Bube is considered a pioneer of occupational medicine. He had studied the connection between working conditions, living conditions and the state of health of workers in the Seeberg sandstone quarries.

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From left to right: Steffen Müller , Head of the Thales Arnstadt site, Robert Gärtner, Training Manager at the Thales Arnstadt site , Björn Koppermann, Mechatronics apprentice in the 2nd year of training, Heike Werner, Thuringian Minister for Labour, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family Affairs

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