Thales Germany is committed to equal opportunities and more women in technical professions

International Women’s Day on the 8th of March is an event through which Thales can focus on equal opportunities for women and men of all nationalities and raise awareness of the importance of diversity in society and in our company. Therefore we support the international Campaign #BalanceforBetter.


We also want to get women interested in technical professions and the technology industry, to win them over to our company and to support them in shaping their careers, so we invited girls and young women to come along on this special day and get to know the jobs and the career opportunities at Thales.


"We are convinced that we achieve the best results with mixed teams and that equal opportunities must become a matter of course" says Bernd Schopp, Vice President of Human Resources at Thales Germany. “At Thales, the promotion of diversity & inclusion is firmly anchored in our strategic objectives. This is why we have defined action plans and targets through which we actively promote diversity, making it an integral part of our corporate culture. One of our priorities is to attract and develop talented women to Thales Germany. They are still under-represented in our technology company, but we fully intend to change this situation. This International Women’s Day offers our visitors a good opportunity to discover technical professions for themselves and to get to know the various career prospects with an international technology leader”.


Even today, many girls don’t even consider technically-oriented occupations when choosing a career – but the technical world holds real potential for the young ladies. This is why Thales is trying to reduce the girls’ innate fear of contact with technology and help them get an understanding of the exciting opportunities in the technology sector. Interested schoolgirls at our headquarters in Ditzingen experienced this themselves during a technology project in which they produced flashing LED objectives together with our trainees.
In Arnstadt, we invited female students to discuss their further career development with our colleagues in specialist and management positions. We want to support the young women with their entry into the technology industry, using personal experience reports and helpful advice for their studies and the next step in their careers.
Both events were rounded off with exclusive technology tours and information about our entry and development opportunities – because Thales offers forward-looking career opportunities, especially in technical areas


The “WomenTogether” network also hosted an interesting business talk on mobile working for our female employees. Thales Germany supports the life balance of its employees with flexible working time models. We have introduced mobile work almost nationwide in Germany – and we’re currently developing even more working time models that particularly focus on women and their professional development.

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Women in advanced technology – an afternoon for female students at Thales Germany in Arnstadt




Experiencing technology from its most interesting and attractive side – an afternoon for schoolgirls at Thales Germany in Ditzingen



The business talk of the “WomenTogether” network at Thales Germany in Ditzingen



#TogetherWeCommit: German Thales employees support the international campaign #BalanceforBetter



Your career start at Thales Germany

We offer young people the best possible start to their careers with our nationwide offers in the field of dual vocational training and dual university studies.

Besides offering committed students interesting practical training and possibilities for their thesis work, we also offer them challenging job oppertunities when they have completed their studies.


Diversity at Thales Germany

Thales thrives on the diversity of its employees – and it has a decisive influence on the company and its success. This is why we have been working intensively on the subject of diversity for years now. Equal career opportunities for women and men of all nationalities and a well-rounded work-life balance are a matter of course for us. Our special programmes promote diversity and the compatibility of work and private life.

We believe that it’s important to get women interested in technical professions and the technology industry – and to support them in shaping their careers in our company. This is why we have established special offers that are especially oriented on women, such as a mentoring programme and special training courses. Awareness training courses for executives support the development of mixed teams and the further development of all our employees by targeting each individual’s unique abilities.