Mobile System of Sagittarius Evolution Handed to KSK

Ditzingen/Calw, January, 15th, 2016 – The Special Forces Command (KSK) of the German Federal Armed Forces was the first customer world-wide to receive the mobile version of the small arms trainer Sagittarius Evolution from Thales as a further development of the AGSHP (shooting simulator training equipment for small arms fire/handheld anti-tank fire) which had been introduced within the German Federal Armed Forces. With “Wirkmittel 90 mm” (RGW 90 LRMP) a wireless simulation input device is used for the first time in this shooting simulator. Thus the Thales simulator is ready for use even before the weapons system will be delivered to the troops and allows soldiers of the KSK to train with this new handheld weapon realistically. 

"The timely delivery of the mobile shooting system for ‘Wirkmittel 90 mm’ is an important milestone for us during the approx. four years of development cooperation with the industrial companies involved in the introduction of the new weapons system and the training in this system", explained Bernhard Kemp, deputy project manager at department K4.1 – air/ground missiles, dropped ammunition, anti-tank systems – of the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw). 

This introduction of the simulation system as training device does not only focus on the true-to-detail simulation of the operation of the fire control visor but also the simulation of the different ammunition types (ASM, explosives, illumination, smoke) with the respective type-specific ignition modes and their mode of action on the target.

"With the early integration of Thales in the development of the ‘Wirkmittel 90 mm’ we could adapt our simulator successively to the design of the new weapons system with significant improvements for the development time", added Stefan Wey, Head of Training & Simulation Domain at Thales in Germany. "We are highly pleased that the training at the Special Forces Command can start before the delivery of the weapon", Wey continued. 

The mobile system is the smallest and most mobile version of the latest Thales simulation platform for handheld weapons, Sagittarius Evolution. It offers the option of shooting and mission training for up to two trainees simultaneously. The mobile system is installed in hardened rolling containers and features a wireless trainer station on a notebook. Its design permits the system to be set up and made ready by two people within 15 minutes. Other than a room which can be darkened, there are no other infrastructural requirements to take into account. The only requirement is a space of 5 x 3 metres with a room height of min. 2,5 metres. 

About Wirkmittel 90 mm (RGW 90 LRMP)

Wirkmittel 90 mm (RGW 90 LRMP) is a low weight weapon with a programmable warhead fuze, which is very effective against a variety of targets and has an effective range of 1,200 meters. The shoulder launched weapon is effectively used against soft targets, light armoured vehicles, field fortifications and targets behind cover. With its multifunctional warhead, the ease of use and low weight, Wirkmittel 90 mm fulfils all military-tactical requirements of infantry units for a truly multi-purpose tactical weapon. The reusable fire control sight Dynahawk supports the shooter to achieve a high first hit probability on distant targets. With the help of this sighting unit the gunner is able to measure the distance to the target and other relevant data in the visual field. The fire control unit offers the possibility of adaptation of additional night vision devices.

About Sagittarius Evolution

With the mobile system of Sagittarius Evolution Thales demonstrates its competence in the development and manufacture of modular and flexible system architectures. The Sagittarius Evolution product family supports both basic shooting training and tactical training, such as, "Judgemental training" for advanced trainees. The networking ability of all versions of the product family allows the training of the cooperation between different teams within complex missions. Examples are the training of "door gunners" during the monitoring of and support for road convoys or the interaction of a marine helicopter with "door gunners" and a speed boat. With the use of the latest graphical technology including intuitive operation of the training system and the highly reliable and low-maintenance simulation input devices, the trainer can fully concentrate on his training and achieving his training objectives. Thales further provides support with its known and highly proven customer-specific service concepts in order to ensure the highest possible system availability. Given the low setup and dismantling times, the system has many uses for the military and police. 

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