Customers‘ delight is the focus of all our activities and thoughts. This is the reason for the business unit Transportation Systems being one of the market leaders in railway interlocking.

We actively position our service offerings in the market place to create real value for our customers. In the years to come our customers will face massive challenges and we can support them to manage these challenges:

  • The technological complexity in the interlocking arena inevitability increases as a consequence of latest technologies having to interoperate with mature and even outdated equipment
  • Demographic changes in many countries will have the effect that many highly experienced employees will retire
  • The ever increasing competitive pressure and economic constraints caused by the liberalisation and deregulation of the rail based traffic

To do so we built a comprehensive portfolio which covers all services of Transportation Systems no matter which department the service delivery comes from. With the help of this portfolio we actively want to address the growing service market and generate sustainable service business and customer trust. Besides service is an important differentiator in the industry of today and a completion to our product and system portfolio. Our service portfolio is based on four cornerstones. 

  • weBuild – we implement technically sophisticated solutions in interlocking
  • weCare – we care for our customers’ hardware and software
  • weConsult – we offer consulting and training to our customers who will benefit from our excellent know-how and our decades of experience
  • weManage – we manage the excellent condition of our customers’ network infrastructure to allow them to concentrate on their core business