Intelligent solutions for a data-inundated world

At Thales Group, we regulate the most efficient and highly complex algorithms and mathematical tools to provide Big Data solutions, detecting even the slightest differences in your data behaviour. Working with your current and historical data Thales Big Data solutions enable you with the information you need to make crucial, well-informed decisions in any given situation for your digital security.

Our Analytics Approach

  • Database tools: NoSQL, NewSQL
  • Algorithm implementations: Hadoop Pig, Hive, MapReduce, Storm
  • Agile software methods and iterative feedback processes

Servers and networks record hundreds of millions of events daily. From social media to star mapping, Thales Big Data implementations enable you to generate and process data while extracting its maximum value, protecting you from attacks.

  • Gaia satellite: The Thales processing platform evaluates a petabyte (1015 bytes) of data for a mission to catalogue over a billion stars - Read more here
  • CYBELS Intelligence: Online conversations from the social web are analysed to determine behaviour patterns and favoured attack methods of hacker communities
  • Big data architecture solutions: Large data volumes are captured, generated and stored with a complete processing system that includes hardware and software
A holistic solution from a pioneer in data management and cybersecurity

In 2009, we began working on Big data during a joint-R&D project to detect and to investigate cases of online payment fraud in France. Working with the LIP6 computer science lab at the Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, we set up CeNTAi , a dedicated Big data R&D lab to further analyse new algorithms and methods that process Big data.

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Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity
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