End-to-end security with advanced biometric technologies

Thales is a global leader with 30 years of experience in identity management programmes.
The Group has secured more than 25 national identity projects, captured several hundred million digital fingerprints and produced over 300 million identity documents around the world.

Unprecedented rise in personal mobility, migration and data exchange

Governments and public agencies must meet the dual challenge of facilitating legitimate travel while effectively combating illegal immigration, cybercrime and terrorism.
In a hyper connected world, which is inherently more complex and vulnerable than ever before, governments need to protect their citizens and their personal data. They must guarantee the security of the systems used to produce, issue and control all types of identity documents, including national identity cards, voter registration cards, passports, visas and driving licences.
Secure identity management solutions from Thales are designed to meet this dual challenge. The identity documents issued are fully compliant with the latest standards and ICAO, ISO, EU and other international regulations, specifying the security features and data formats needed to ensure interoperability in our interconnected world.
These innovative solutions also help simplify relations between citizens and the state, bringing access to election, employment and social services information.

Thales's response

To be effective, identity management must be approached holistically, including continuity of service. The secure solutions developed by Thales encompass the collection of biographic data from citizens, biometric enrolment, management of identity systems, including databases, production and personalisation of secure documents, identity control systems and user training.

Thales's added value

Drawing on its experience as a systems architect and integrator, Thales designs and implements specific solutions tailored to the needs of each individual customer. These solutions are based on an open architecture, which can interface with legacy systems, and are fully scalable to incorporate new functionality.
With its extensive in-country operations and global network, Thales is the trusted partner of choice to develop and deploy identity management programmes around the world.

Thales's solutions

Thales's approach is based on an end-to-end identity solution, which comprises a number of modular subsystems.

  • Unique know-how in the design and production of secure documents to combat counterfeiting and tampering
  • Recognised expertise in digital identity management and biometrics
  • Systems compliant with international standards and regulations
  • Ability to integrate COTS products and/or proprietary solutions
  • Secure identity solutions based on solid expertise in information technologies, from system architecture to rollout and hosting of specific systems

Workflow management

TIDMS: Thales IDentity workflow Management System
Thales provides and manages a secure solution, based on a trusted infrastructure, integrating customer legacy systems with new hardware and software components as required. The TIDMS solution (Thales IDentity workflow Management System) offers full customisation to match the needs of each individual customer.


TAME3S: Thales Automated Secure Modular Enrolment Solution and Services
The TAME3S integrated solution is designed to enable fast and secure acquisition of biographic and biometric data. The operator records the biometric data of applicants (face, 10 fingerprints, signature) using an ergonomic console with sensors, an intuitive enrolment management process and real-time quality control of results at each capture.

Biometric Identification

TAMMIS: Thales Automated Multi Modal Identification System
The TAMMIS biometric system is based on the Thales Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). This secure personal identification system, initially developed on the basis of digital fingerprints, now offers a full range of biometric features (fingerprint, face, iris). With its unique biometrics workflow management function, TAMMIS is designed to manage different population groups on a large scale and adapt to a wide range of operational procedures. With its flexible, service-oriented design, it can be easily integrated or interfaced with other systems.

Document Production

Thales's graphical and digital personalisation solutions are designed to handle all types of secure documents. As a global security expert, Thales secures all stages of identity document personalisation, archives production data and guarantees traceability of operations. Thales's highly secure identity document solutions include TI2S, a multilayer composite card. This new-generation card, with a minimum lifespan of 10 years, incorporates an electronic chip and colour photograph of the bearer.

Border entry and exit control

TBCS: Thales Border Control System
Thales provides solutions to verify identities at borders and inland checkpoints. These secure authentication solutions are available in both fixed and mobile versions and offer manual and automatic verification. As well as checking the match between the document and the bearer, they also cross-check bearers with any missing person or lost / stolen document lists. The TBCS system records and collates all visitor entry and exit movements at national level.


The French market leader in civil biometric systems

In France, Thales's credentials include four of the largest civil biometrics programmes to date.

In January 2013, Thales was selected to provide through-life support for the French biometric passport enrolment system as well as future upgrades.

In 2012, Thales developed a software application for the French Ministry of the Interior enabling digital fingerprints to be captured and included with identity photographs in electronic residence permits for foreign nationals in France.

In 2010, Thales signed a contract with the French Ministry of the Interior to deploy a biometric enrolment and data transmission system to handle Schengen visa applications in several countries.

In 2009, Thales was chosen by the French Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Immigration to design and deliver the national biometric system, which incorporates the biometric functions required to manage the residency status of foreign nationals.


Secure driving licences for South Africa

In 1998, Thales, in close collaboration with local partners, deployed South Africa's national driving licence management and production system. The new licence incorporates biometric data on the holder in the form of a 2D barcode.

Operational since 1998, the system has an annual production capacity of 2 million licences.


In 2010, Thales was selected with Oberthur Technologies to deliver the new e-passport management system for the Republic of Uzbekistan's Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Finance. Thales supplied 411 TAME3S biometric data acquisition stations, including mobile stations, deployed at locations throughout Uzbekistan and at its embassies around the world. Thales also supplied its TIDMS solution, for the centralised supervision of e-passport applications and issuance, and its TAMMIS automated fingerprint identification solution, for the biometric identification of applicants.

As of 2013, the TBCS border control system is in place at 56 border posts.

Morocco's first contactless national identity card

In 2007, Thales deployed an innovative project for the Kingdom of Morocco: the country's first biometric national identity card, based on contactless smartcard technology to ensure maximum document security and respect of the citizen's rights and liberty. The solution comprises the provision of national identity cards, operating software and personalisation stations.

As of 2013, over 20 million cards have been produced using this innovative system.

Kenya: a trusted partner for almost 20 years

In 1995, Thales supplied a complete system for the production of national identity cards, residence permits for foreign nationals and refugee cards.

In 2004, Thales delivered a new biometric identification solution to replace the manual biometric system. The Thales Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) was integrated with legacy document production and management systems, enabling documents to be issued securely and applicants to be identified using their digital fingerprints. To date, 15 million cards have been produced with this new biometric identification system from Thales.

In 2011, the Kenyan Ministry of State for Immigration signed a contract for the upgrade of the identity card production system in Nairobi.

To date, 4 million secure national identity cards in plastic composite have been produced.