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Serving company and country

We support France’s national defence interests by encouraging the 200 Thales employees who are military reservists. The company releases reservists to join their units for up to 15 days a year on full pay, instead of the five days a year required by French law.

Proud to serve

The dual role of reservists — as civilians at Thales and military personnel with the armed forces — strengthens our bond with our customers

We encourage Thales reservists to promote defence issues on a day-to-day level, and to raise awareness of the nation's history within the company, in particular by taking part in commemoration ceremonies.

Supporting reservists

Military reservists in France are important reinforcements for regular army units, helping to protect the population when the national security alert level is raised.

Thales is proud of the reservists in its workforce, and of their commitment to serving the country. We do everything we can to support them in their dual role. 

Recognition for Thales support
Thales received a military reserve award in 2014. This award is presented annually by the French Minister of Defence to mark National Reservists Day, in recognition of the defence contractors that are most committed to supporting reservists.