With the development and evolution of new global technologies and threats, most of Thales's business activities are technology intensive, making innovation a strategic priority and the driving force behind the long-term development of the Thales Group. 
Thales teams throughout the world are driven by a quest for performance and innovation to deliver critical strategies effectively. Our dynamic approach is recognised by our global customers and competitors as one of the most stringent and proactive in the industry. 
  • Applying a model of open innovation, the central research facilities of Thales Research & Technology (TRT) work hand-in-hand with the academic research community, Thales‘s operational units and other technology providers.
  • We work with customers on real-life scenarios to develop solutions that meet their needs.
  • Thales research programmes help operational units to differentiate the Group‘s products and solutions and gain a competitive advantage.

​The effectiveness of Thales‘s R&D hinges largely on a decentralised approach, with close coordination around a few strategic themes. Thales R&D teams work out of more than 80 locations in the Group‘s main countries of operation.


Our passion for innovation

Billion euros invested in Research & Development
patents portfolio with 400 new patent applications in 2013
joint laboratories with universities in France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Singapore and Canada
partnerships with universities and public research institutes in Europe, Asia and the United States

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