Thales UK Aerospace

Thales UK: constantly innovating aircraft communications and connectivity

The demand for on-board aircraft connectivity is growing rapidly, fuelling a need for new, enhanced and optimised infrastructure for operational, business and entertainment - in space, in the air and on the ground.

Thales UK Communications and Technology is leveraging a strong heritage as an innovator and investor in research to develop and provide ground-breaking solutions, products and technologies to address this growing market:
  • We are investing heavily in research to enable airlines and aircraft to integrate the latest technology that offers passengers and crew a safer and enhanced experience. 
  • We are a market leader in the field, with a proven track record in aerospace connectivity and an innovative approach towards developing satellite communications products.
  • Our TopFlight Satcom has quickly established a global presence after certification on a wide range of aircraft, including Boeing and Airbus platforms.
We expect future aircraft to require a much wider range of communication bearers to serve growing needs for enhanced in-flight connectivity for air traffic management, safety and passenger entertainment services.

Working with key aviation partners creating the next generation of connectivity technology 

Thales UK is working with the UK Government, industry and academic partners, to develop more integrated communication systems, through research projects such as SANDRA and HARNET to make it easier for aircraft to take full advantage of current and future technology.
connectivity system to be available on the Boeing 787
aircraft have Topflight Satcom installed worldwide

European Aviation Network

Improving the passenger experience with EAN high-speed in-flight connectivity

Thales UK Communications and Connectivity is working with Inmarsat to develop and manufacture a Complementary Ground Component (CGC) terminal for its European Aviation Network (EAN) high-speed in-flight connectivity. This development will dramatically enhance the passenger experience across Europe.

Thales is one of the few companies with the technical expertise and skills to deliver this new technology for the EAN.
Our extensive experience in civil aviation connectivity combined with strong relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers and operators makes us one of the industry’s leading innovators.

Development of the CGC terminal has already started and this will be fitted to aircraft to provide a crucial link with the LTE-based ground network.