Continuously developing innovative aerospace systems

Thales UK is a world leading innovator in the research, development and delivery of aerospace systems, including:

  • Military avionics
  • Air traffic management
  • Aircrew training and simulation
  • In-flight entertainment for air passengers
  • Communications and connectivity

Thales UK is one of the few aerospace technology providers in the world with a proven track record of working with partners in both the civil and defence aviation sectors.

Thales UK aerospace: delivering world-class aviation products and services

Thales UK equips more than 160 air traffic control centres, covering over 40% of the world’s airspace.

More than 130,000 airline passengers every day access a range of entertainment options from their seats using Thales UK in-flight entertainment systems.

Thales UK is the lead partner for military avionics in Europe, working closely with customers to meet the challenges faced by aircrews in a wide range of operational situations and environments.

We are a trusted strategic training partner to world-class armed forces at the forefront of training and simulation innovation, preparing aircrew to face modern threats and challenges.

Developing military avionics for the world’s leading defence forces

Thales UK provides avionics, navigation, mission planning management and communication systems for both fixed wing aircraft and helicopter platforms:
  • Voyager strategic transport aircraft
  • A400M Atlas military transport aircraft
  • Chinook Mk 4 and Mk 6 helicopter
  • AW159 Wildcat upgrade to the Lynx helicopter
  • Sea King helicopter
We deliver avionics solutions that reduce aircrew workloads, enabling them to focus on completing their mission while increasing situational awareness and air safety.

Thales UK is the lead partner for military avionics in Europe, working closely with customers to create systems that meet the challenges faced by their aircrews.

In addition to avionics solutions we ensure that defence customers benefit from our civil air experience by providing a complete end-to-end solution including training and support.

Offering more secure avionics in an increasingly dangerous operational environment

As pilots increasingly face a range of new threats amid varying levels of intensity, equipment availability becomes crucial. Thales UK avionics products are protected from cyberattack so customers and operators have confidence in their security.

Key figures

in Europe for Avionics
fixed and rotary wing platforms

Project Julius

Modernising the UK military’s Chinook fleet

Under Project Julius, Thales UK is modernising the entire Royal Air Force Chinook Mk4 fleet with TopDeck, a new avionics suite enabling aircrews to focus better on their mission while enhancing flight safety.


Revolutionising the avionics man-machine interface with TopDeck

Thales UK’s most advanced avionics suite for rotor wing aircraft, TopDeck features a breakthrough interactive man-machine interface incorporating a range of devices help optimise the crews’ cognitive workload, particularly during complex tasks:
  • Digital glass cockpit
  • Ground Mission Support System
  • Onboard mission planning
  • TopSIS secure communications control
  • Control Display Navigation Unit (CDNU)
Tactical Data Unit tablet displaysTopDeck reducing reaction times, allowing aircrews to concentrate better on their mission, or to tackle multiple tasks in adverse conditions, such as re-routing while handling emergencies.
TopDeck also maximises situational awareness through the use of:
  • Integrated Tactical Display
  • Degraded Visual Environment/Low Visibility Landing
  • Full Motion Video
  • Synthetic vision
  • Head Up Display
  • Helmet mounted display