Thales UK Aerospace

Preparing aircrew training and simulated scenarios with the Air Mission Training System

Thales UK delivers global training and simulation in support of defence forces preparing aircrews to meet modern threats and challenges.

The Air Mission Training System is a synthetic training capability combining equipment, training and support services to offer mission training and rehearsal in a wide range of scenarios.

The system offers an affordable mission rehearsal capability, delivering a breadth and depth of training that cannot be delivered with live assets; aircraft hours are also freed up for operational priorities.

Simulation that offers realistic operational environments for collaborative aircrew training

Mission environments can be recreated in high fidelity that enable crews to train together from multiple locations.
  • Air to ground operations
  • Airborne counter insurgency techniques
  • Air superiority operations
  • Multi-role operations
  • Bandit replication within existing synthetic environments
  • Airborne border protection patrol and interception tactics
  • Airborne counter to drug trafficking
The Air Mission Training System offers customers affordable access to the full Thales synthetic environment, which is a proven database used by the UK’s Royal Air Force on many of its platforms and developed from a wealth of operational training experience.

The Air Mission Training system provides the following customer benefits:

Combined expertise
Thales and Inzpire are working in partnership to deliver the Air Mission Training System. Customers will benefit as we both bring different knowledge and expertise to the partnership. Thales has a wealth of experience in delivering high quality training equipment and managing training services whilst Inzpire has decades of military experience and draws on this real-world experience in the delivery of products, services and training.
Together we can deliver a world-class mission training capability with a complete package, consisting of the training service and training equipment.
Easy to use
The generic fast-jet cockpit simulation allows you to focus on the mission in hand.
Extra options
The system can be tailored to be more representative of the aircraft you operate, options include a low-cost dome system for greater emphasis on the visual environment and other platforms can be added to expand and enrich mission rehearsal such as unmanned aerial vehicles, Airborne warning and control systems and joint terminal attack controller to create a fully immersive environment.
Flexible approach
We can offer different approaches to training provision from supplying equipment through to turn-key services with full technical and expert training support. We can also offer flexible commercial options for example a leasing option may be more suitable to your needs.
  • Air
    Thales delivers virtual collective and individual training for Air Forces personnel. We provide training systems and training services, through to fully equipped and staffed training centres.
  • Land
    Thales has delivered more than 300 armoured vehicle gunnery and driving simulators worldwide. We are experienced in live, virtual and constructive training to prepare forces for the complexity of modern operations in the land and joint environment.
  • Maritime
    We are present around the world with Submarine Training Systems deployed and in active service with devices that include Submarine Control Simulators, Machinery Control Trainers and Combat Systems.