Elix-IR detects, prioritizes and alerts the crew, DAS and Counter measure systems of Missile and Hostile Fire threats directed at the platform. The equipment also can provide a panoramic image for situational awareness.There is a suite of support equipment and services for simplifying the aircraft integration, installation, and qualification as well as training, maintenance and services. The equipment allows ability to upgrade the capability through software improvements through out the life of the equipment. This through Life Capability is supported by the provision of optional service packages covering the capability management, ongoing test and evaluation, operational and maintenance support etc.

Multi-Function IR Threat Warning and Panoramic Situational Awareness system

  • Simultaneous Missile Warning, Hostile Fire Indication/ location and IR picture.
  • Interface to DAS or individual countermeasure effector systems.
  • Low cost of overall ownership.
  • Enhanced capability retrofit for existing systems.
  • Easy integration to new or existing platforms.
  • Designed to enable rapid adaptations to emerging threats and environments.
  • Provides a Whole life cost effective solution.
  • Building on Thales world-leading IR and Signal Processing capabilities, Elix-IR delivers improved platform survivability.