Thales has supplied countermeasures dispensing systems to the Royal Air Force and other air forces worldwide since 1990. Thales has sold over 700 Vicon 78 systems and references include fixed and rotary wing platforms including Lynx, Apache, Nimrod and Tornado. The Vicon 78 is currently in service worldwide and has been integrated into various Defensive Aids Suites such as HIDAS.

The Vicon XF CMDS has been designed to increase the chance of mission success. It dispenses expendable chaff and flare payloads in programmed sequences in order to disrupt the tracking accuracy of hostile IR or radar system. The system will provide the capability to support future SmartStore payloads that will increase survivability as well as providing logistics benefits. 

  • Ease & Flexibility of Integration 
  • Next Generation design
  • High Reliability 
  • Interchangeable with Vicon 78 
  • Light weight 
  • Supports SmartStore payloads


  • Software is programmable without removal of components. 
  • Easily integrated into DAS Suites and Platforms. 
  • Capable of operating with SmartStore payloads.
  • ITAR Free. 
  • nterchangeable with existing family of Vicon systems with no change to controller or aircraft wiring.
  • Product refresh, supportable for next 20 years.
  • Reduced maintenance and repair turn around time.


  • SmartStore compatible.
  • Standard NATO format 
  • Modular expendable blocks


  • Controller
  • Chaff & Flare Dispenser Control Unit (cockpit mounted)
  • Boxed CMDS Processor Module (bay mounted)
  • Safety Disarm Unit
  • Dispenser
  • Magazine

SmartStore Capability

  • Expendable can be directly interrogated to determine payload type.
  • Post ejection light-up delay can be programmed for flare payloads.

Power System

  • 28V DC