PIRATE represents a major advance in avionics and gives Eurofighter Typhoon substantial tactical advantages in air intercept and air-ground operations. PIRATE operates in several modes including air-to-air and air-to-ground surveillance.It provides:


  • Very long range passive air-to-air capability.
  • Automatic detection and multiple target tracking, track while scan.
  • High angular resolution & track accuracy.
  • Large field of view in very large field of regard.
  • Identification of intercepted airborne targets
  • Thermal cues for prioritized ground targets
  • Steerable image on the pilot’s helmet-mounted display
  • Navigation and landing aid



  • PIRATE detects and tracks the Infra-Red signatures of multiple aircraft at long range, over a wide field of view, day & night and adverse weather conditions. Being a passive sensor, it enables the aircraft to gather early intelligence of threats and to manoeuvre stealthily into an advantageous tactical position without being detected by hostile electronic warfare systems.
  • PIRATE accurately tracks multiple high-speed targets, prioritizes them and provides the on board Attack & Identification computer with target positional, velocity, acceleration, and approach/recede data. In addition it provides high-resolution images for visual identification. It provides highly reliable information for air-to-air and air-to-ground use. The system demonstrates a very high suppression rate of potential false alarms.
  • PIRATE is integrated with other on-board sensor systems for maximum sensor fusion effectiveness.
  • PIRATE locates and provides cueing information on ground targets. It provides data and imagery to head-up and multi-function head-down displays, facilitating navigation and terrain avoidance in adverse weather conditions.

Thales’ wide experience in infrared detector technology ensures a superior search and track performance that will significantly enhance any aircrafts effectiveness in combat.