World’s Best Horizon to Horizon Airborne Reconnaissance Sensor


The SWEEPIR 20 is a high performance day/night airborne infra-red linescan sensor with horizon to horizon coverage operating in the 8 to 12 micron waveband. It is a single Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) sensor, designed for installation in unmanned air vehicles, fixed wing, rotorcraft and high performance aircraft. The infrared radiation from the terrain is scanned by the sensor producing continuous along-track imagery.

All sensors in the SWEEPIR range are fitted with internal solid-state gyro systems, which provide electronic platform motion compensation on displayed imagery.

Imagery is recorded on board and can be displayed on a Networked Imagery Exploitation System (NIES). The imagery may also be transmitted to the ground when suitable data linking equipment is fitted to the aircraft.

SWEEPIR 20 sensors are in-service with the Royal Air Force, French Air Force and others world-wide. 

  • 24/7 Coverage
  • Simultaneous High Resolution & Wide Field of View
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Compact, Lightweight & Robust
  • Ease of Platform Integration
  • High Reliability
  • 8-12 Micron Thermal Imager
  • In-service & Combat Proven
  • Exceptional Image quality


  • Podded Systems
  • UAVs
  • Custom Inboard Installations
  • Border Surveillance
  • Maritime Patrol
  • Route Clearance
  • Strategic Asset Monitoring

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible Mission Profiles:
    • Low level (200 ft)
    • Medium altitude (20,000 ft)
    • Speed (<100 knots to >600 knots)
  • High dynamic range:
    • Excellent performance through haze and dust
    • Shadow & adverse weather penetration
    • 24/7 imagery
  • High reliability:
    • Long endurance missions
Linear CCD Operating Principle

The CCD array scans at a rate of typically 1200 lines per second for the SWEEPIR 20 Sensor, which combined with the forward motion of the aircraft builds up a picture on a line-by-line or ‘push-broom’ principle. The Field of View of the lens fitted to the sensor determines the ground coverage and resolution of the image recorded.


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