World Leading Stand-off and Tactical EO/IR Reconnaissance System


The Thales Digital Joint Reconnaissance Pod (DJRP) has been developed for worldwide deployment and provides dependable operation in all climates. Thales DJRP provides best-in-class simultaneous high-resolution EO imagery and horizon-to-horizon day/night IR coverage. delivering unequalled performance and image collection capability, fulfilling all air tactical IMINT tasks.

Easily integrated onto any air platform, the DJRP is a robust, lightweight, low drag structure with a combat proven pedigree on numerous aircraft types including Jaguar, Tornado, Harrier and Hawk and has been selected by the South African Air Force for Gripen.

Teaming this technology with the seamless interoperability of our Networked Image Exploitation System (NIES), DJRP provides a complete cost effective through life airborne reconnaissance capability.


  • Tactical Airborne Recce
    • Target identification
    • Recce/attack
    • Battle damage assessment 
  • Border Surveillance
  • Maritime Patrol
  • Route Clearance
  • Strategic Asset Monitoring
Thales Group - DJRP







Features & Benefits

  • Fast Jets, UAVs & STOVL
  • Standard pylon attachment
  • MIL STD 1760 & 1553B
  • Low Size & Weight

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