NIES provides the best of breed geospatial exploitation system which provides wide-ranging solutions for image analysts and the intelligence community. Utilising leading off-the-shelf exploitation tools with wide existing user communities, NIES meets the ever-increasing and evolving needs of the intelligence community.

NIES provides a supporting infrastructure to implement world class working practices for data collection, exploitation and dissemination within the imagery and geospatial communities.

  • Geospatially based image storage and retrieval provides ease of intelligent product association and efficiency of operation.
  • Fully configurable user workflow management with audit trail provides management of the complete exploitation process, from automated tasking, through to exploitation and dissemination
  • Allocation of tasks to resources
  • Visibility and tracking of task progress
  • Directing analysts to the appropriate tool for each activity within a task
  • Metrics and efficiency monitoring
  • Integrated image and product library
  • Integrated market leading exploitation tool
  • Enhance and edit highlighted features for further detailed analysis
  • Geospatial registration and mensuration capability
  • Supports wide range of sensor types including EO, IR and RADAR
  • Interoperable through use of international standards
  • Low supports costs and minimised training burden
  • Scalable from dismounted deployment to fully serviced intelligence headquarters



  • Airborne Surveillance and Monitoring System developed for Homeland Security, Infrastructure, Environmental, Border and Coastline protection.
  • Suitable for installation on fixed and rotary wing aircraft inc. UAV’s
  • Employs proven EO/IR sensors, image processing & analysis technologies
  • Enables rapid, repeatable monitoring of critical assetsWide area day/night coverage
  • Provides early detection and identification of security and environmental risksEasily installed and operated on existing platforms
  • Cost effective and fully integrated solutionAirborne imagery exploitation for immediate response
  • Ground imagery exploitation for pattern of life analysis and archival



  • Intelligence Management and Image Exploitation
  • Continuous situational awareness at all levels of command
  • Coordinated control over tasking
  • Provides  rapid processing, autonomous feature detection and dissemination of imagery and intelligence over secure networksE
  • fficient / effective use of intelligence product
  • Archiving  and Image Reference LibraryScalable Packaged Modular Solution


DB-STARS Dual Band STand-off Airborne Reconnaissance Sensor

• High level of operational flexibility
• Day / Night recce capability at long stand-off ranges
• Wide and narrow Filed of View, horizon imagery collections
• Simultaneaous IR/visible collection combining wide swath
and high resolution
• Can be used on mission aircraf



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