Increasing mission success and survivability with Thales UK Soldier Systems

A fully integrated Soldier Systems capability is a key element for any coherent and effective battlefield operation in any operational environment, no matter how diverse or extreme.

Thales UK has developed an unrivalled expertise in the development and delivery of products to increase the effectiveness and survivability of the soldier in dismounted close combat:
  • Infra-red target locators
  • Laser target designators
  • Integrated Soldier Systems
  • Local situational awareness
  • Anti-sniper effectors
  • Battlefield communications
  • Personal Counter-IED equipment and systems
Our products are lightweight, rugged, accurate and reliable; offering increasing networked connectivity they enable critical mission information to be sent up and down the Command and Control chain, dealing with the fast-moving tempo of modern military operations.

Soldier systems proven in operations

Thales products have been proven in theatres around the world for use in combat operations and humanitarian/peacekeeping missions, supporting a seamless extension to vehicle-mounted close combat activities.
Thales UK has customers on every continent for our Soldier Systems technologies. More than 7000 sets of the Future Integrated Soldier System (FIST) have been delivered to the UK Ministry of Defence and almost 1000 hand-held Infra-red target locators are currently deployed for military use. Our Laser target designators are used by nations around the world.