What is SquadNet?

Designed for the modern battlefield, SquadNet is the latest networking soldier radio from Thales.

Maintaining contact on the modern battlefield is key to effective combat operations. Sending and receiving the right information at the right time can mean the difference between life and death, so communications in difficult environments demand a resilient and trusted solution. The SquadNet soldier radio provides infantry with a rugged, reliable voice radio with advanced functionality for the most challenging situations, enabling dismounted communications and situational awareness.
  • Resilient squad-level communications
  • Point-to-point range of up to 2.5km
  • Automatic relay mode
  • Blue Force Tracking 
  • Situational awareness
  • Compact and lightweight radio solution
  • Extended mission life – 28 hour battery 
  • Secure communications over IP networks
  • Flexible integration with COTS systems

Dismounted Soldier Radio with built-in GPS

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With a built-in, high sensitivity Blue Force Tracking (GPS) receiver providing a situational awareness capability, SquadNet is more than just a radio.

This position data can be securely transmitted, via Bluetooth, to an Android device to enable users to see not only their position, but also that of their comrades-in-arms. The Android app that provides this functionality also enables soldiers to take advantage of IP networks – such as 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi – to employ a web-bridge capability, further expanding their scope of operations.
This powerful feature has the potential to transform dismounted infantry from dispersed and disconnected squads to fully networked and co-ordinated operators on the battlefield.

Assured Networking Communications

While traditional radios are limited to their point-to-point range, beyond which communication is lost, SquadNet is different.
Due to its automatic relaying mode, the SquadNet soldier radio ensures that communication is maintained across urban, wooded and mountainous terrain. This advanced feature provides up to three hops in order to extend the scope of operations beyond a simple point-to-point range, while also adding resilience to the communications network.          
In open terrain, SquadNet has a point-to-point range of up to 2.5 km, extending to up to 6 km with automatic network relaying. Even when this networked range has been exceeded, SquadNet can continue to maintain secure communications over IP networks with an Android application.

Instant, Accurate Information

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Sending and receiving the right information at the right time can mean the diffeence between life and death, so communications in difficult enviroments demand a resilient and trusted solution.

Using the radio’s display, personnel on the ground can view and automatically share their specific location with other users on the network. Each user’s position can also be displayed on a map or aerial photograph through installing the SquadNet application on a smartphone or tablet.

GPS location data can be shared across a network bridge or gateway to provide a real-time command overview, allowing informed decision-making and efficient, effective operations.

Extended Mission Life

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Flexible in-field charging options from USB-equipped power sources such as laptops and portable solar panels enable personnel to scavenge power from multiple sources. This, combined with the extended mission life of 28-hours provided by a rechargeable battery, reduces the need to carry spare batteries thereby freeing up vital space for ammunition, food and water.

By constructing SquadNet around a rechargeable power source, supply chain demand and through-life costs are also minimised in comparison with conventional disposable batteries.

Designed for Now and the Future

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A simple and easy-to-use interface sits atop powerful and functional hardware, providing key functionality and information at a glance – enabling personnel to focus on the mission, not the tools. This user-orientated design makes SquadNet ideal for personnel of all levels, minimising training time and enabling rapid deployment into use. With it's low weight and compact, rugged shell, SquadNet is designed to be unobtrusive yet resilient in every environment. Looking to the future, SquadNet is designed to flexibly integrate with COTS systems – Bluetooth connectivity enables integration with Android and other devices.

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