Thales UK develops and delivers vehicle systems to give your AFVs an operational edge and enhanced mission survivability

Whether in support of military operations in a combat environment or humanitarian and peacekeeping missions, the capabilities of a deployed Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) are crucial to mission success and survivability.

Thales UK has a proven expertise in the systems that deliver these capabilities:
  • Vehicle Sighting Systems
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Vehicle Systems Integration
  • Laser Warning Systems
  • Electronic Vehicle Architecture

Thales UK offers adaptability in the modern environment

A diverse range of demands is placed upon today’s vehicles; consequently their designs vary greatly.

From lightweight to heavyweight protected patrol vehicles, wheeled or tracked vehicles through to main battle tanks, all vehicles need the capability to conduct surveillance activities, detect potential threats and relay data throughout the vehicle and along the command chain.

Should offensive action be required, the vehicle commander needs the situational awareness and target data to engage the threat accurately and effectively.

Thales UK: The partner of choice for AVF development

Thales UK has a world-leading understanding of the AFV domain which aids our ability to provide systems capability to vehicle programmes:
  • Electronic vehicle architectures
  • Vehicle sighting systems
  • Vehicle systems integration
Thales is the supplier of choice for both new build and retrofit vehicle programmes to give users better local situational awareness and the fighting advantage in military operations.

We have designed and built the Electronic vehicle architecture system and vehicle sights for more than 300 of the UK MOD’s Foxhound vehicle, tested in Afghanistan. Every UK Main Battle Tank over the past 75 years has been fitted with sights designed or built by Thales.