Thales has been awarded a £125M contract for the supply of Sighting Systems and Ancillary Equipment to General Dynamics UK for the Production Phase of the UK MoD’s Specialist Vehicle (SV) programme.

Thales will supply 245 vehicle sets, each consisting of a Primary Sight, Local Situational Awareness (LSA) camera system and Smoke Dispenser, over a 5 year programme between 2016 and 2021, specifically for the Scout variant of the vehicle.

Thales will also supply a further 344 sets of their LSA systems for other versions of the vehicle in the same time period. All equipment will be built at Thales’s optronics facility in Glasgow.

  • ORION Stabilised Panoramic Sight
    Thales Orion stabilised panoramic sight provides the armoured vehicle commander with a long-range surveillance and target identification independent of turret orientation.
  • LSA Systems
    Crew survivability and enhanced operational effectiveness rely heavily on Local Situational Awareness (LSA) in today’s conflicts.
  • Smoke Dispenser
    Grenade/ Smoke dispensers are used as a self-defence/obscurrant device, controlled from within the vehicle to aid the crew with tactical evasion or defensive manoeuvres.
  • Training
    XPI Simulation (a Thales company) is providing 28 high-fidelity driver simulators for training drivers on all six variants of SCOUT SV.