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Using synthetic environments, Thales is able to simulate the implications of real-life cyber attacks against your information networks, in situations where live testing of the target environment is not possible. It will provide you with a bespoke and illustrative proof of concept of not only your vulnerabilities, but how cyber threats against your organisation could be exploited.

What we will do for you

Thales uses a three stage approach to deliver a comprehensive assessment:

  1. Preliminary Assessment and Proposal
    An accredited Thales cyber security consultant will work with you to understand your business objectives and cyber security requirements, and tailor our service to these to deliver maximum benefit.
  2. Penetration Testing
    Your dedicated consultant will first perform a deep analysis of your information networks to determine the extent of your vulnerabilities. These will be categorised against a criteria of Criticality, Exploitability, Impact and Probability to establish underlying risk levels. As part of this, your consultant will seek to exploit the identified vulnerabilities as proof of concept of the potential impact they could have on the target system. We recognise that this is not always practical or possible with live systems. However, by using Thales’ state of the art synthetic environment in our Cyber Integration and Innovation Centre, we are able to offer a safe environment in which to replicate discovered issues and demonstrate their exploitability in a risk-controlled environment.
  3. Assessment Report
    Your consultant will provide you with a detailed report that clearly states the vulnerabilities identified during the initial assessment, those which were found to be exploitable in the Penetration Test and the extent to which they could be exploited.
The cyber threat is real: There is a growing risk of disruption, information loss, reputation damage and material cost to your organisation. With over forty years of experience in Information Assurance and Security, Thales has an unrivalled understanding of the range of threats that our commercial, government, and military customers face.


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