Through close collaboration with the UK Police National CBRN Centre, Thales has developed it’s integrated CBRN Assessment System (iCAS). As a fully integrated, mobile (vehicle based), incident assessment solution, iCAS enables data and intelligence to be gathered in real-time, facilitating more-timely decision making, and realising a more effective and rapid assessment of the scene.

Rapid Response – The critical activity
The challenges facing emergency responders are considerable, particularly where examination of the scene has to be conducted on foot. This can be cumbersome and slow, and any delays may result in increased risks for emergency responders themselves, as well as the general public. As a mobile, vehicle-based capability, iCAS is able to provide rapid scene assessment , through real-time data and intelligence, enabling more informed command decision-making in the critical first hour.

Unique Solution
Thales’ iCAS system is unique in the marketplace, offering a fully integrated sensor suite, on a mobile platform, enabling rapid scene assessment whilst also providing a constantly evolving, real-time situational awareness picture to multiple stakeholders, across multiple locations.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid Mobile Incident Response: Rapid assessment on arrival at an incident, maximising use of the critical “Golden Hour”, supported by continuous monitoring throughout operations.
  • Single Point of Monitoring: all sensors and feeds are controlled via a single touch screen console on the platform.
  • Sensor Fusion: integrated on board sensor feeds are managed by the on-board Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) allowing fusion of disparate sensor data and delivering a more comprehensive picture of an incident.
  • Open Architecture: the scalable and open architecture of the EMS supports integration of alternative and future sensor fits and can be upgraded and enhanced based on your future needs.
  • Remote Scene Assessment: the remote Information management System (IMS) provides incident commanders and other key stakeholders with real time multiple vehicle feeds delivering a complete operational picture.
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