Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems have been around for well over five years now, and as a leading provider to surveillance systems, we have taken this technology to the next level. Our ANPR systems can be used in a range of applications and now form a key part of our critical infrastructure protection systems.

Much like standard recognition systems, our technology uses video to identify vehicles based on their number plate prior to cross checking its identity with all the vehicle details on a database. Once cross referenced the system can be programmed to automatically open barriers as people approach removing the need to card scanning or other technologies. Similarly, if the vehicle is not registered or recognised by the system it will prevent the barrier from opening, ensuring that unauthorised access is not gained.

This system can be especially useful when operating a high risk site such as a nuclear facility or embassy building. Although the process is automated, the feed is directed into the central HUI in the security control centre for the facility, providing security operators with a real time picture of barrier access. This system is ideal as part of an overall security enhancement solution, and provides the first barrier for potential threats to overcome.

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