One of our core skills is the development of specialist software applications to meet customer requirements. Software applications are the foundation of many of our capabilities which is why we are widely recognised as one of the market leaders when it comes to designed systems, particularly in the defence industry.

Our team of highly skilled design engineers continually push the boundaries of software application development and we can now provide a range of applications based on a standard architecture. This enables us to help keep the development costs down, delivering a high added value to you, our customers and ensuring you get the maximum return on investment without compromising on your requirements.

Our expertise in the field of software development has been proven by a number of large complex systems which are currently in operational use by defence forces around the world. Our Makefast system was developed to provide the Royal Engineers with a easy to use tool which significantly improves their ability to design and build new bridges, task planning and designed new water supply systems in hostile, post defence environments. We have also provided the ARRC capability to NATO. This system is used to carry out strategic planning of large scale military operations allowing multiple users to work from multiple locations using a single system. This has significantly improved operational efficiency and effectiveness of the ARRC and the programme was awarded the MoD’s Chief of Defence Material Commendation Award as recognition of its success.