We have been providing control and SCADA systems to a range of customers throughout the world for over 30 years. In the UK, our SCADA systems have been used to operate and manage many of the CNI power generation facilities since they were built. Our systems approach can utilise either in-house products or third party SCADA vendor products. These building blocks can then be integrated together to provide a bespoke, but standardised, software platform that provides real-time control, optimisation and exploitation management capabilities and form a critical component of the industrial control, command and intelligence centres.

Our control solutions utilise secure encryption techniques to protect all SCADA communication links against external threats to ensure proper protection of CNI facilities is achieved. Our flexible approach enables us to provide anything from small system upgrades, to completely new SCADA systems with integrated cyber security components to maximise operational effectiveness and maintain security against the ever changing threats now faced of cyber and physical attack. We build and test our systems prior to implementation using our Cyber Centre, where we can replicate the systems to check for vulnerabilities and then close off any potential attack routes. This not only means the system is secure from the first time it is switched on, but also enables us to significantly reduce implementation time and interruption to facility operations.

As part of our commitment to give you one of the best Control and SCADA solution available on the market, we don’t just install the system and leave you to manage it. We are committed to being your partner for the lifetime of the system and provide comprehensive through life support to ensure the system remains up to date and secure from new and emerging threats.

Key Benefits

  • Bespoke systems built to suit your requirements based on standardised architecture ensures you get a cost effective solution that meets your needs.
  • Systems enable real-time monitoring of all processes and security operations in easy to use GUI’s meaning minimal training on new or upgraded systems
  • Systems provide data which can be used to demonstrate you are meeting compliance standards for safety, security and environmental regulations
  • Systems provide increased operational efficiency through:
    • Enhanced safety
    • Reduced downtime and interruptions
    • Improved coordination of maintenance work
    • Optimising energy consumption helping you to reduce operational costs
    • Reduced threats from cyber attack
    • Lower incident and false alarm rates