With so many technologies and systems in operation at a nuclear facility it is almost impossible to ensure that they are effectively managed without requiring a huge drain on your internal resources. In many of the currently operational nuclear plants there is a need to extend the life of existing systems without carrying out a complete replacement programme; something which is neither cost effective nor feasible.

Our range of services will enable you to plan for the future and develop a long term support programme for your systems helping to improve their performance and lifespan. In addition to helping you develop this programme our team of dedicated support personnel will also look to provide a mechanism by which your supply chain can be preserved and managed.

Our services cover all areas of your facilities including: 

  • Defect reporting and corrective actions
  • Software support
  • Spares management
  • Re-engineering 

These services have all been developed to provide you with a cost effective support solution for your existing legacy systems, helping to reduce your costs. These services will also minimise the downtime of your systems helping to improve the operational performance of the plant, in conjunction with significantly reduced levels of risk.

Our proven heritage of delivering service solutions for over 50 years across civil and defence markets ensures that we are the partner of choice for your requirements. To find out what we can do for you please contact us.