As one of the leading developers of software systems designed to meet customer requirements we have a delivered a diverse range of system of systems integration projects to organisations throughout the world. Our domain expertise in system integration has been key to our success as a system of systems integrator. By looking at each system and how it has been developed we are able to carry out integration of existing systems within minimal downtime and interruption to you. Where we are integrating a series of new systems we are able to carry out much of this work prior to the system going live, enabling us to test that it will operate effectively and provide you with a seamless transition period.

By using our state of the art Cyber Centre we are able to replicate the system of systems prior to installation and integration, and then rigorously test it to show where potentially vulnerabilities might be and how they could be exploited, meaning when the real system is implemented you have the peace of mind that you are secure from the moment the on switch is flicked.

In order to provide you with the best possibly functionality we use our expertise to design easy to use GUIs which help to minimise the training your team require, further reducing the transition period from old to new systems.