Thales UK has long recognised the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). It is an area that we are highly passionate about as we believe inspiring future generations to engage in STEM subjects is not only crucial for a young person’s educational development, but to the future of UK industries.

We are certain that it is vital to give young people the tools and information they need to make informed decisions about their future career opportunities, and to help ensure that they understand how important STEM is in our daily lives.

The need for engineers and those with STEM qualifications is critical to the UK workforce. The 2017 Engineering UK report highlights that companies are projected to need 186,000 people with engineering skills each year until 2024.  It is estimated industry will require a significant increase in qualified engineers each year for the next decade. To help meet demand, we feel it is our role to support and develop opportunities where possible to allow young people to gain the necessary skills and knowledge about the options available to them.

The 2017 Engineering UK report highlights industry is projected to need 265,000 people with engineering skills each year until 2024.

Our Aim

Thales aims to inspire, inform and engage young people through a variety of initiatives, activities and opportunities. We hope to give young people the skills and knowledge needed to make an informed decision about their educational choices and future career options.

How do we do this

  • By raising the awareness of career opportunities at local careers fairs, STEM days and events in schools within the communities that we have Thales sites based
  • Through our school strategy and involvement at large STEM events across the UK demonstrating that studying STEM subjects can be fun, creative and empowering  
  • By working in partnership with a wide variety of external organisations, including Government to support and delivery STEM engagement and activities

Year of Engineering

Thales Group - Year of Engineering logo
2018 is the Year of Engineering – a national campaign to inspire the next generation of engineers. Thales in the UK is proud to take part to help young people and their parents take a closer look at engineering and find out about the importance of studying STEM subjects at school, and the opportunities that come with it.  
To find out more about the Year of Engineering, visit the website or follow the campaign on Twitter.

School Engagement

Students meet Tim Peake on a recent visit to Thales's Belfast site
Students meet Tim Peake on a recent visit to Thales's Belfast site
At our major Thales sites we are involved in a wide range of educational projects and activities where Thales employees  engage with local schools to help support young people and promote STEM subjects.

Our STEM schools strategy  has been created so that we can better support local schools within the communities where Thales offices are based.  We believe that by visiting a number of schools regularly has a more sustainable impact on the students, giving them the opportunity to gain a breath of experiences and opportunities in a variety of ways.

For example:

We at Ifield Community College have been fortunate to further our STEM programme in the last couple of years by working closely with Thales. The opportunities of working directly with industry have been invaluable for our students. The range of activities is continually expanding and the STEM ambassadors who work at Thales are always highly knowledgeable, extremely friendly and willing to go the EXTRA yard with our students. We have engaged in a wide range of activities across many fields of STEM, including Scratch programming, Apps writing, 'introduction to electronics' workshops, careers advice and site tours ."

David Curran, Ifield Community College

MARSBalloon Project

Thales Group - MARSBalloon Logo 125px
MARSBalloon is an exciting project open to all schools in the UK to carry out Mars science experiments without having to put on a spacesuit!

Click here to see our dedicated website and to find out more about how to take part.

STEM Events and Activities

Thales Group - STEM Planet

Big Bang

Each year Thales are proud to  support the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham, as well as other smaller Big Bang events across the country. These events give us the opportunity to meet students, teachers and parents from across the UK, and to showcase some of our activities and materials whilst giving people the opportunity to learn more about Thales. You can find out more here.
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Thales Group - Big Bang 2016 event 1
Thales Group - Big Bang 2016 event 2
Thales Group - Big Bang 2016 event 3
Thales Group - Big Bang 2016 event 3
Thales Group - Big Bang 2016 event 5
Thales Group - Big Bang 2016 event 6

WISE Toy Day 2017

Thales Group - WISE Toy Day 2017 1
Thales Group - WISE Toy Day 2017 2
Thales Group - WISE Toy Day 2017 3
Thales Group - WISE Toy Day 2017 4
Thales Group - WISE Toy Day 2017 5
Thales Group - WISE Toy Day 2017 6

National Women in Engineering Day

With an ever growing need to inspire females into the world of STEM, we work to ensure that all our activities and events are targeted at both males and females. To celebrate National Women in Engineering Day, each year we run events to bring young women interested in STEM subjects together with female scientists and engineers.

Over the last 3 years we have celebrated this day by working with over 300 young women from Glasgow, Reading, Templecombe and Crawley who came together to network with talented and highly skilled female employees from a variety of different areas across the Thales business. The event  is a  great way for young people to learn about the different roles available to them, and what they need to do to get there. 

At Thales we are passionate at inspiring young women into engineering, please see some of our female engineers talking about their experiences.

I spoke to one of our students who had attended the Women in Engineering event. She had a really great time, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so animated! Please do keep me informed about any future events.”

James Turner, Imberhorne School

Young Talent of Thales

The Young Talent of Thales programme  (YTT) has been designed to support  young people who attend the schools we support within our school strategy.  The course is designed for 16-18 year olds who are interested in future STEM roles but are unsure about what opportunities are available to them.

We combine information about job roles, an insight into apprenticeship and graduate programmes whilst supporting young people to gain skills in CV writing, interview techniques and how to prepare for interviews.

Our students  found the behavioural topics useful and very interesting.  They also learned a lot about the various fields there are on offer under the generic title of ‘Engineering’
Overall a fantastic success and many thanks for organising this programme…(apparently the food you offered went down a storm as well) 

Stephen Martin, Gryphon School

Who We Work With

Thales Group - STEM Cogs
At Thales we are passionate about working in partnership, supporting and collaborating with other organisations to ensure that we are getting the STEM message out to as many people as possible. We are proud to work with a number of different organisations so we can share our knowledge and resources to ensure we reach as many young people as possible.

Teach First

Our partnership with Teach First has allowed us to support a number of Teach First schools in the UK in a variety of ways. As part of the agreement, the schools have access to a number of our STEM  activities and programmes including opportunities for STEM teachers to gain mentoring and work placement opportunities within Thales UK to learn more about industry. This enables teachers to gain knowledge and experience which can be taken back into the classroom, while enhancing their personal development opportunities.  Read more about Teach First here.

Our partnership with Primary Engineer provides us with a great opportunity to develop relationships with primary schools within the UK. The charitable organisation Primary Engineer allows us to  work in conjunction with local primary schools to deliver sustainable STEM projects for key stage 1 and 2. The programme allows us to not only to work with the young people but also to provide the teachers with CPD training on the projects. This means that long term the schools will have a sustainable STEM project that can be delivered in the classroom every year. Read more about Primary Engineer here.

STEM Abassadors

Thales is proud to have over 200 STEM ambassador trained within the business across the UK.  We work with STEM Ambassador hubs  to train our staff to ensure that they have the training needed  to  visit schools and deliver STEM activities. The STEM Ambassadors programme allows our employees  to engage in a number of different volunteering opportunities within their region which supports a large number of schools within the local community.

Primary Engineer

Primary Engineer has developed an engineering curriculum that spans Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Further Education institutions. Our partnership has allowed Thales to support 20 primary schools in the south east with exciting projects that inspire young minds. Our relationship also allows us to support the development of engineering skills for teachers and practitioners.


Thales Group - STEM Mortar
Thales wants to support schools and teachers where possible by providing suitable resources for the classroom. Our materials have been designed to aid sessions that you may already be teaching.
The Wonderful World of STEM brochure and presentation has been designed for primary aged children to get them thinking about why STEM is important. We have developed the presentation so that teachers can make it their own and adapt it to suit their lessons.
Engineering Explored has been designed for secondary school children in years 7 and 8. It's an introduction to the different roles of engineering and what routes they can take to get there.
Ray and Fay Brain Ticklers are full of all those questions children ask but adults struggle to know the answer to! The game is great for primary school children to play, however, it has also become popular with secondary school children and is used as an icebreaker or general quiz.
For more information concerning career opportunities for young people aged 16 and above please take a look at our early careers site where we advertise our graduate and apprentice opportunities across the UK.

 Many thanks for the STEM brochures, they look brilliant. We have Year 5 girls and their parents visiting us next week, so they will be a perfect addition for my STEM stand.”

Naomi Smith, Brighton and Hove School for Girls


Thales Group - Wonderful World of STEM Brochure
Thales Group -  Wonderful World of STEM Presentation
Wonderful World of STEM Presentation
Thales Group - Engineering Explored
Engineering Explored
Thales Group - STEM Brain Ticklers
STEM Ray and Fay Brain ticklers
Thales Group - Engineering at Thales Presentation 595px
Engineering at Thales Presentation

Parents and Educators

Thales Group - STEM Link
We recognise that it is often difficult to find the right information to inspire young people about the opportunities that are available to them. We hope the following will be useful
Tomorrows Engineers provides a variety of classroom materials, events and compeititons for schools and young people to access throughout the year. They also have a large variety of resources that can be downloaded for all ages 

Find out more about becoming an Engineer with Tomorrow’s Engineers.

Apprenticeship opportunities

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Thales Graduate Programme

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