We provide world-leading technology and expertise for mainline rail modernisation and expansion. Our solutions support 85 million mainline and suburban passenger journeys, worldwide, every day and in doing so reduce CO₂ emissions, which average 2.2 grams per passenger per kilometre by train, compared to 115 grams by car.

Seamless and secure journeys, for people and freight

For UK mainline rail, Thales focuses on supporting regional, national and international networks – and their users – with vital equipment, services and expertise.

Thales Group - Icon Door to Door

Door-to-door support
We provide UK rail passengers with up-to-the minute travel information long before their journeys begin, with multi-channel real-time travel information and journey planning tools – available online and on smart phones.


Thales Group - Icon Optimising the Network

Optimising the network
Operation Control Centres (OCCs) enhance network use, reduce energy consumption, and minimise rolling stock movement conflict.


Thales Group - Icon Managing Freight

Managing freight
Live tracking for container and wagonload freight, with resilient Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions that pinpoint every consignment.

Thales Group - Icon Super vision & Comms

Supervision and communications
Traffic Management System (TMS) systems NetTrac and ARAMIS.


Thales Group - Icon Signalling Solutions

Signalling solutions
Train control systems using Thales’s AlTrac interoperable European Train Control System (ETCS) signalling to enhance rail capacity, improve energy-efficiency, and provide seamless cross-border movement of people and goods. Electronic interlocking and signalling field equipment delivers optimum reliability, low life cycle costs and enhanced business performance.

Thales Group - Icon Traffic Management

Traffic Management System (TMS)
Thales has an unmatched pedigree in delivering Traffic Management Systems (TMS) in mainline rail, metro and aviation globally. Thales’s TMS product, ARAMIS, is in operation with 11 operators worldwide managing over 50,000 trains per day in a mixed traffic environment. TMS transforms railway operations by increasing capacity, reducing delays, and keeps staff and passengers better informed.

Thales Group - Icon Safety & Security

Safety and security expertise
Thales’s leadership in security means we have a unique ability to deliver products and solutions with in-built resilience, guaranteeing operational safety and security of people and financial transactions.


Thales Group - Icon Dedicated Telecoms

Dedicated telecommunications
Thales provides telecommunications infrastructure for UK transport, including voice and data channels, fibre-optic networks, radio, TETRA radio and GSM-R systems.

Thales Group - Icon Service & Support

Services and support
Thales’s services capability ensures optimal operation of the systems we provide now and in the future. Our support service includes systems design consultancy, through-life support, maintenance, operator training and business analytics. We deliver end-to-end maintenance guaranteeing high-level service through local partnerships based on ITIL best practices, advanced supervision and asset management tools.