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Thales UK Aerospace & Avionics

Thales UK is a world leading innovator in the research, development and delivery of aerospace systems, including: Thales UK is one of the few aerospace technology providers in the world with a proven track record of working with partners in both the civil and defence aviation sectors.

World-class aviation products and services from Thales UK

Thales UK equips more than 160 air traffic control centres, covering over 40% of the world’s airspace.

More than 130,000 airline passengers every day access a range of entertainment options from their seats using Thales in-flight entertainment systems.

Thales UK is the lead partner for military avionics in Europe, working closely with customers to meet the challenges faced by aircrews in a wide range of operational situations and environments.

We are a trusted, strategic training partner to world-class armed forces at the forefront of training and simulation innovation, preparing aircrew to face modern threats and challenges.
European training and simulation provider
Worldwide provider of In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) and connectivity
  • Communications and Connectivity
    Discover our ground-breaking communication and connectivity solutions which enhance in-flight connectivity for both the passengers and crew.
  • Military Avionics
    See how aircrew workloads can be safely managed with our leading avionics, navigation, mission planning management and communication systems.
  • Training and Simulation
    As a trusted and critical partner to defence organisations around the globe, we provide innovative training and simulation products and services for Air, Land and Maritime.
  • In-flight entertainment
    Improve your overall in-flight experience and entertain your passengers with our award-winning range of entertainment and connectivity systems.
  • Air Traffic Management UK
    Leading the way in improving the safety of air operations, our finest ATM equipment range includes ATM software, Active & Passive Radar systems and Navigation Systems.
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